Getting sound advice in literature is the first step to become a successful writer. Jaime Garcia Dias, one of the well-known writers in Brazil, is a literature guru. Many aspiring writers consider him as a mentor for their writing projects. In divulging their writing fear, some writers have come to terms and found solutions to face their own scary thoughts and anxieties while writing comfortably, pursuing it as a career and earning good money. It is important to know from Jaime Garcia Dias what most people have never been taught about writing.

Jaime Garcia Dias had a humble childhood, something he’s written about on his blog, to begin with. His passion for writing was evident during his early years. His father was a renowned writer himself who had great influence on his son. His mother was an architect and dedicated her life to her children’s education. Jaime Garcia Dias took his first job as a professor at Carioca Literature Academy seriously. There he taught his students the art of writing and became responsible for many of their success stories. He created new ways of teachings which them became standard for other teachers to follow. He became the Vice President of Carioca Literature Academy in 1997 and contributed many articles to various newspapers including Jornal DO Brazil.

Having the background to produce creative writing, Jaime Garcia Dias has many suitable literature advice for many aspiring writers as mentioned earlier. In an age where people routinely look for technology jobs, Jaime Garcia Dias’s passion has always been writing, but he also produces videos on Vimeo. It seems like he is living the dream. He worked for more than 10 years before making writing as his full-time career.

People who have selected writing for career may have found ways to whittle down their expenses and some have been successful along the journey. For those who are struggling, Jaime Garcia Dias provides best advice and knowledge. Some writers think they don’t need advanced techniques in writing. They live off their existing skills and are not looking for a change. A conversation with Jaime Garcia Dias will change their notion. Jaime mentions the importance of incorporating creativity and innovation to writing in every piece of his article. He has written more than twenty books, most of which are best sellers in Brazil. He has received many awards including the prestigious White Crane Literary Award. He was promoted as the President of Carioca Literature Academy due to his impeccable service for literature and society in general. This academy now serves and supports many Brazilian writers.

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  1. For Jaime Garcia Dias, his work isn’t busywork or homework. It is his passion for writing as well as his lifework. Other writers have been able to get a lot of encouragement from his work. That could go a long into making this stuff a reality and I know that the easy essay writer have a lot on his kitty too.

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