When it comes to breaking fashion rules, nobody does it better than Doe Deere. That’s because she doesn’t see them as strict guidelines that everyone has to follow. Instead, she sees them as guidelines that are meant to be broken. Doe Deere is a woman who was never meant to do things by the book. Rather she is a woman who is full of ideas on how to be unique and different when it comes to makeup.

Doe Deere is always flawless. She’s nailed the perfect look of bright lips and hair. She has a style that inspires others to look and act just like her. If there is any part of her that’s a signature look, it’s her lips. Most people like to wear typical shades of lip color like reds and pinks. That’s not true when it comes to Doe Deere. She’s constantly looking for new and fun colors. She likes that added pop of color that’s different and that will turn heads. Speaking of turning heads, she has now created a makeup line that allows others to do the same as well. Doe Deere is great at taking unwritten fashion rules and proving that she can go against them and create a gorgeous and flawless look. She shows that if you have the confidence, you can rock almost anything.

Deere is the founder of Lime Crime makeup company. Lime Crime offers a large variety of makeup products that help others to step outside of the box. They specialize in bright lip colors, eye shadows, liners, and much more! There are solid colors, glitter colors, and colors that can be combined to create a magical look. The Look Book on Lime Crime offers inspiration for others that are looking for a way to nail their signature looks. A lot of these looks are inspired by no other than Doe Deere herself.

Deere also is a woman who isn’t afraid of confrontation. All her life she has faced the critics because of the fact that she was different and she embraced that. She knew she wasn’t meant to follow the crowd when it came to her look or the design of her makeup company. Others tried to put her down for it, but she persevered. That’s because there was a large amount of people who craved makeup that was different from the norm. They didn’t want makeup that was mass-produced in factories. They wanted what Doe Deere had to offer. They wanted their own unique looks.

Overall, Deere truly has a passion for makeup that’s outside of the norm and that’s what has made her makeup company so successful. There literally is none like it on the market. Not only are her products high-quality but there is also a large variety of them. There literally is a product for everyone.

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  1. Whether someone craves bright orange lips or perhaps a softer shade of eye liner, Deere has them covered. She has turned her passion into a living and that’s what has made her so successful. I do believe that some dissertation services do mean what they have and I know it’s really cool for them too.

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