Dick DeVos Spreads Seeds of Philanthropy

I have become a fan of Dick DeVos because he is spreading philanthropy seeds throughout his family. He has a foundation that makes huge contributions each year. He has started a foundation with his wife, and this has become the core of their generosity. 

Philanthropy is a big deal in the world today because there are many people that have a need. DeVos recognized this, and he has made great contributions with this wife, Betsy. Both of them have been able to build a foundation that has made it easy for them to pass this down to their children.

I am amazed by all that Dick DeVos has done over the years. He has spent part of his career in the capacity as the president of an NBA team. He has also worked as the president of Amway, a company that was started by his father. There is so much that he has done – in addition to starting the Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation – that has given him wealth. He had wealth that was passed down from his father, but I believe that he has been able to give because he has generated his own wealth. 

DeVos has built a foundation, but he is not alone. His wife also comes from a family where the wealth was passed down. There are a lot of people that are interested in what Dick has done, but I also look at what his wife has done. Betsy has made some great contributions and sacrifices herself. She has been married to him for more than 30 years. This union has given them a lot of time together. I believe that they have been able to share their faith and grow in their passion for giving. This is and his father’s example are the reasons that they are able to give so freely. 

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

I would encourage anyone that is trying to start making contributions to look at the path that Dick DeVos has taken. He has managed to build wealth because he has planted the seeds of giving. He gave, and he saw a return for faithfulness. I am inspired by all that he has been able to do, and I believe that he is even planting seeds of philanthropy that extend outside his family.

Beneful Leads the Pet Food Market With Health Conscious Options for Pets

Beneful is one of the leading brands of pet food on the market today. They are owned by the Nestle Purina Corporation. Their pet food is known for their high quality ingredients and their focus on animal health. They are known for their unique tracking system that ensures that all raw ingredients are tracked from the moment they reach the Purina Store Beneful plant until the time it is packaged and out of the door. By 2014 Beneful had sold over 1.5 million meals. Beneful pet foods is produced in their plants in Arizona, Georgia and Iowa. All of their food meets FDA and USDA regulations. Beneful is a company that takes the added effort to test and analyze their food during the entire process to avoid toxins and diseases. Beneful is a proud member and proudly promotes the Association of American Feed Control Officials. This organization focuses on regulating laws to keep pet food safe. Recently premium dog food sales have soared. Their focus on health has helped them lead this industry. Companies like Beneful have adopted the “eat-like-your-owner” strategy. Fresh ingredients are now being introduced into their product line, which has now opened the door for refrigerated wet dog food. This industry has grown over 45 percent to just over $10 billion dollars. The idea behind fresh whole grains, fruits and vegetables appeals to a greater market, as they are more health-conscience for themselves and their pets. Pets are like family members and consumers want to have them around for a long time.

FreedomPop Has Cell Phone Service That’s Easy To Obtain And Easy To Pay For

It’s best for a person to know exactly what they’re looking for in a service provider before they make the switch from one phone company to another. The website Lifehacker.com has put out an article that’s very informative and can be used as a reference by those who want to switch phone companies. Although it’s not always a big gain when switching phone companies, many companies are offering benefits and extras for those who make the switch.

It’s possible to get lower charges on phone service, free phones, free service, or the phone company may even buy a person out of their current cell phone plan. Many phone companies have now made it easier to pay for a phone plan as well, and most people these days will pay for their cell phone bill via a debit or credit card, and a lot of people pay online. Some people pay for their wireless plan in a store, but this may cost them a service fee, so it’s always better to pay online.

Any company that makes it difficult for a person to pay their bill, or if the company only allows customers to pay their bill in a way that costs a service fee, then the company should be avoided. It’s a great idea for a company to have a lot of their services online, especially when it’s time for a person to make the payments. FreedomPop is a company that values its customers, and they understand the need for people to make quick and easy payments for their services free of charge.

There’s no reason for a person to pay a fee on top of paying for their services, so FreedomPop has been able to accommodate their customers in this way. FreedomPop takes the word “free” a step further, and they even have free cell phone service, Internet service, and data services for hotspots. Every service that FreedomPop offers has some type of free service attached to it, and it’s possible to gain access to the free service by simply signing up. Once the service allotment amount has been reached, then a person can simply add to the service, or they can get unlimited service if it’s a cell phone plan.

What Would Doe Deere Break?

Doe Deere is no stranger to the rules that were set up by the fashion industry’s most trusted. As a fashion blogger, she was subjected to these rules and was occasionally criticized because she did not think that the rules were made to apply to her. While many people may not like the conventions that Deere has set forth, many of her followers also love the break the rules just like she does. While she is up for breaking nearly any fashion rule, she has a few rules that she thinks are totally ridiculous and are always her favorites to break.

Socks with heels are a big no-no in the fashion world. They are a big yes-yes in the world of Doe Deere. Not only do they keep her feet warm in the winter and protect them from sores and calluses that can sometimes come with heels, but they also give her the opportunity to show off some of the cutest socks in the world.

When Doe Deere wears patterned socks, she also likes to wear patterned clothes. This is another rule that she loves to break: not mixing too many patterns. She likes to break this rule because she likes bright patterns and bold looks. By choosing to wear any patterns that she feels will look good, she is throwing her middle finger up to the fashion man. The patterns that she wears all have one thing in common. They are all patterns that she loves and that she feels look great on her.

When it comes to her makeup, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is the inspiration behind many of her looks. She chooses the makeup based on her mood and only picks colors that she likes to wear. By doing this, she is breaking a fashion rule. Many times, Doe Deere chooses to wear a bold lip and a bold eye to ensure that her face looks the way that she wants it to. In the world of makeup fashion, this is definitely a crime. In Doe Deere’s world, it’s called getting dressed and ready for the day. A bold lip and a bold eye can always go together if you feel confident about it.

By choosing to break these fashion rules, Doe Deere is not just a rebel without a cause. She knows that girls and boys around the world are watching her and she wants them to feel confident in themselves. By having the confidence herself to break fashion rules, she is setting a great example. By letting people know that they can be whoever they want to be, she is giving them the opportunity to be themselves. As a fashion icon, Doe Deere is breaking all of the boundaries that held people back from being themselves.

The Mission of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen, the leader and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has protested the actions of Nicki Minaj who accepted the opportunity to perform a concert that is financed by the President of Angola. This action has broken several human rights violations as Angola is an oppressed country under the President of Angola. Mr. Halvorssen has spoken out against Nicki Minaj’s actions due to the fact that the company that is financing her concert is funded by the President’s family. This offense has been repeated by international pop-singer, Mariah Carey who accepted payment to perform for an African regime just a few years prior to this offense.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen in 2005. This particular foundation was created due to several horrific events that happened to his family in 2004. Though the Human Rights Foundation is fairly new, Mr. Halvorssen has extensive experience with fighting for universal rights. One example is his involvement in campaigns that were against the South Africa apartheid.

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan and Norwegian mix that has dedicated himself to the complex political issue and controversies of global human rights. His one goal is to fight against oppressive regimes through mounting campaigns, implementing activists within the country, or inviting dissidents or journalists from other countries to discus the regimes. Through his actions in fighting for human rights, it is easily noted how fiercely he fights against oppressive regimes such as the regimes noted in the 20th century in South America.

Though his contributions to society have been great, his humble earnings of only $85,000 per year do not match up with the successful leaps that he has made with regards to improving human rights. The goal with this investment is to inform the public in order to gain more members in the human rights movement.

One of his biggest commitments is to fight for the individual rights for an education. As noted, this particular right is not to be seen in Angola due to the rigged election. Instead, it is pretend democracy with a convenient vote that elects the same oppressive leader each time it is time to elect a new president.

Marian’s Corner: Showcasing Photographer Jon Urbana

The well known Denver businessperson Jon Urbana is a popular figure in many areas of life, ranging from the photography world to business and sports. As the Head of Business for Ellipse Technologies, a Denmark-based laser technology company, Jon Urbana has become a respected figure in the development of the Laser and pulsed light therapy industry, which is growing as a great way of removing hair and skin blemishes. Urbana has a long history of developing new business opportunities, and is known for the good eye he has developed for Facebook communication and the latest in impressive business ventures and incredible photography work.

Alongside the work Jon Urbana has completed in photography and with Ellipse Technologies, he has also become a respected figure for all those who are looking to become high quality individuals and lacrosse standouts. Urbana himself made his name as a Villanova lacrosse player where his defensive skills saw him achieve much within the respected program. After his playing days were completed Jon Urbana decided the time had come to give something back to the game, and established his own Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This annual summer camp is designed to aid the development of lacrosse players while helping form better citizens amongst the lacrosse playing community.

The sports coaching and development work of Jon Urbana is not his only area of interest outside of business. Instead, the Villanova alum is well known for the recent development of his artistic work, which includes both music and photography. In terms of his music style, Urbana has been looking to stretch himself by developing his work as an electronic musician. Although he has been known as a guitarist amongst friends and fmaily members, Jon Urbana has now made a splash remixing songs and creating his own compositions.

Urbana’s interests in food and the outdoors are largely reflected in his photography work which is influenced by world famous fashion photographers.