Doe Deere is no stranger to the rules that were set up by the fashion industry’s most trusted. As a fashion blogger, she was subjected to these rules and was occasionally criticized because she did not think that the rules were made to apply to her. While many people may not like the conventions that Deere has set forth, many of her followers also love the break the rules just like she does. While she is up for breaking nearly any fashion rule, she has a few rules that she thinks are totally ridiculous and are always her favorites to break.

Socks with heels are a big no-no in the fashion world. They are a big yes-yes in the world of Doe Deere. Not only do they keep her feet warm in the winter and protect them from sores and calluses that can sometimes come with heels, but they also give her the opportunity to show off some of the cutest socks in the world.

When Doe Deere wears patterned socks, she also likes to wear patterned clothes. This is another rule that she loves to break: not mixing too many patterns. She likes to break this rule because she likes bright patterns and bold looks. By choosing to wear any patterns that she feels will look good, she is throwing her middle finger up to the fashion man. The patterns that she wears all have one thing in common. They are all patterns that she loves and that she feels look great on her.

When it comes to her makeup, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is the inspiration behind many of her looks. She chooses the makeup based on her mood and only picks colors that she likes to wear. By doing this, she is breaking a fashion rule. Many times, Doe Deere chooses to wear a bold lip and a bold eye to ensure that her face looks the way that she wants it to. In the world of makeup fashion, this is definitely a crime. In Doe Deere’s world, it’s called getting dressed and ready for the day. A bold lip and a bold eye can always go together if you feel confident about it.

By choosing to break these fashion rules, Doe Deere is not just a rebel without a cause. She knows that girls and boys around the world are watching her and she wants them to feel confident in themselves. By having the confidence herself to break fashion rules, she is setting a great example. By letting people know that they can be whoever they want to be, she is giving them the opportunity to be themselves. As a fashion icon, Doe Deere is breaking all of the boundaries that held people back from being themselves.

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