Capital Restructuring by Madison Street Capital

They are a leading provider of all types of financing, including financing for an early stage business or a well established corporation. Madison Street Capital is experienced with independence as well as corporate governance both domestic and international. Madison Street Capital sets themselves apart from other firms with their dedication to understanding the client’s needs. An in depth analysis of the true value of a company allows Madison Street Capital the opportunity to provide council on a company’s future potential and opportunities.
Madison Street Capital prides themselves in their extensive knowledge of and focus on middle-market firms. They know that finding the right financial advisor as a middle market business can be intimidating. Business owners are looking for a firm they can trust to put the client’s needs first. Madison Street Capital has earned a reputation for providing quality service in acquisitions, favorable lending, and building sound exit strategies for such companies. Madison Street Capital also has an outstanding reputation with investment banking industries as well as for being a leading provider for the middle market in regards to financial services.  With research and relationship, Madison Street Capitol is able to connect the appropriate financial and capitalization structure to their clients while keeping the client’s needs and wants as the top priority.

As shown in their youtube video, “Capital Restructuring,” Madison Street Capital specializes in finding the best corporate funding option for middle market firms. Madison Street Capital has diverse funding sources and credit providers that will help in a middle-market firm’s decision making process to find the most effective capital structure. The video clearly states Madison Street Capital’s customized approach to the way they set up business financing to fit their client’s needs. Elements used by Madison Street Capital include corporate evaluation, building financial relationships, and debt management experience. By using these three elements listed by bloomberg business, optimal solutions are possible for even the most diverse financial situations. From early-stage businesses to established firms, Madison Street Capital has the expertise.

The video concludes with Madison Street Capital’s contact information if more details are needed in regards to capital restructuring. Madison Street Capital can be contacted by calling 1-312-529-7000

Fabletics: The Spring/Summer Collection 2016


Gym wear can be drab and unexciting. The mere thought of workout clothes that hug too tight or show the undesirable parts of our bodies is every bit embarrassing as it is uncomfortable. Luckily for the girls who like to keep tight and fit, Kate Hudson has come to our rescue. Her line of gym wear has revitalized work out fashion with an exciting line dubbed Fabletics. The mother of two, amazing actress and a business lady has created a line that makes the modern woman feel great in her gym-wear. Instead of feeling drab and undesirable, with Fabletics you are transformed into a confident woman who enjoys sports just as much as her male counterparts.
Fabletics is no ordinary store for gym clothes. It is a well thought out and curated online store with fabulous designs at competitive prices. The designs, branded and approved by Kate Hudson, are designed to give one maximum comfort during workout sessions. It beats the old rhetoric where gym clothes were boring. In the marvelous designs, one feels like a star. There is no shortage of fabulous designs and colors to fit any woman. Regardless of your style, Fabletics has pieces that you can mix and match for style and functionality.
The store has active-wear suitable for you when you engage in all kinds of activities such as yoga, running, and the daily run. Women’s wear for the Spring/Summer collection is inspired by beautiful geo designs, floral prints, a dash of color and monochrome patterns. The SS/S’16 collection has vibrant pieces that will make you want to hit to the gym as soon as yesterday. A post on the Fabletics collection can be found on The Clothes Maiden website.
High-quality, extremely stylish and super comfortable activewear is all Fabletics is about. Even on a tight budget, you can still grab some stylish pieces. It has a VIP Program where customers choose fabulous designs at discounted prices. As far as gym clothes are concerned, Fabletics is the leading store for great designs at fair prices.

Doe Deere Lives By One Rule

Some people are simply made to stand out from the crowd. After all, sitting in is usually a nice enough experience, but the real pleasure in life comes from being true to oneself. No one likes the idea of feeling like the only way they will fit in is to conform to someone else’s expectations. The truth is, everyone likes to be an individual, even if they don’t yet fully realize it. The good news is that there are all kinds of different ways to express your individuality. In many cases, this is done through fashion or through wearing makeup that is unique. However, it can sometimes be hard to balance the need to express yourself as an individual with the expectations of everyone else. If you go too far, you might find yourself in a situation where everyone is pointing the finger at you for all the wrong reasons. This can be an awkward feeling if you are not doing it because you want to attract attention in the first place.

For years, it seemed like everyone was stuck in some type of nightmare where everyone had to do the exact same thing and the rules of fashion were never going to change. Then Doe Deere came along. She decided right from the start that she simply wasn’t having any of this nonsense about not being able to do certain things when it came to makeup and fashion just because someone else said it was unacceptable. As such, she started breaking the rules of fashion early on. The amazing thing was, a lot of other people started doing exactly the same thing. It was like they were looking for a leader and once they found one, they latched on because they knew that it was possibly the only chance they would ever have to express their own individual likes and dislikes without being labeled in the process.

Today, Doe Deere has taken her company, Lime Crime, to new heights. In the process, she has purposefully created fashion trends that break practically every rule in the book, such as wearing colors that dramatically interact with each other and incorporating different patterns into her fashion so that they are completely unique to her own tastes. She does the same thing with makeup. The goal is to utilize her body as something of a canvas so that she can express who she is through her different makeup and fashion techniques. As far as she is concerned, this is no different than creating art on canvas and in many cases, it is even better. It gives her the chance to reflect how she feels on any given day through her makeup and fashion choices.

Thanks to her efforts, everyone else had the chance to experience a little more freedom in their own fashion choices. Now there are options available that were not accessible before her company was developed. People might still look and some may scoff, but for those who really want to do their own thing, the only thing that matters is that they have access to high-quality products and they have someone in their corner.

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Emily McClure’s Experiment with Wen by Chaz


Wen by Chaz is a type of hair care product that is reported to have the “magical touch”. In February 2016, Emily McClure reported that the put the product to the test on herself. She reported that on her first day of using WEN, she felt as if her hair had become thicker and that less strands were falling out. However, when she woke up the next day, her hair was greasy. 

On the third day, her hair was still greasy but not quite as much so. She was sure to wash the product completely out before using the blowdryer.  She attempted to alleviate the greasiness by using a lot of the shampoos and conditioners at the salon that she worked at. Nothing worked and she was counting down the hours until she could shower again. 

On the fifth day, McClure curled her hair after washing and drying it. She reported that her waves fell very quickly but that her hair was supersoft from WEN. 

On the sixth day, McClure finally made it a point to shower in the morning and stated that she prefers to do so at night. She was out with friends that night and reported that they gave her numerous compliments on her hair.

On the seventh and last day, McClure posted on facebook and reported that she experienced the same phenomenon as on the fifth day. That her curls fell faster than she would have liked but that her hair was very soft. 

The Wen hair cleansing products were founded by Chaz Dean, who started out as a photographer. After taking several photography courses and moving to Los Angeles, he was inspired to enroll in cosmetology school. This led to his profession in cutting, coloring and styling hair.

The Wen products are sold on Amazon and designed to produce the clean, shiny hair look without the sulfates. They are also designed to be simultaneously anti-frizz, hydrating and nourishing. However, as McClure points out, it’s only recommended to make Wen your go-to product if you shower in the morning and every day.

Healthy Trends in the Dog Food Industry


Dog food producers are now taking a healthier approach to feeding our four-legged friends. Innovations in the market from new technology to more efficient ways of producing healthy pet food are giving dog food producers a new angle to market their products. The Daily Herald just ran an article on how dog food producers are jumping on the nutrition bandwagon. Given that the pet food industry accounts for $23.7 billion annually, changes resulting in an increased market share for premium pet food producers are big news.

Whether your pooch has packed on extra pounds or requires additional protein during a growth spurt, there is a brand of dog food on the market being specifically marketed to you. This is quite the change from dog food producers simply removing additives from their recipes or offering leaner options. Now, dog food producers are specifically targeting consumers who take an active interest in their pets’ nutrition as it relates to their health. This trend falls right in line with the healthier approach to nutrition many adults are implementing in their own lives.

Purinastore’s Beneful has been on the market since 2001, and is certainly not a newcomer to the healthy dog food craze. Where Beneful seems to be out pacing its competitors is that Beneful seems to be actually catering a wide variety of dog food options to different types of dogs. Rather than simply a marketing ploy, Beneful has provided healthy alternatives to the mainstream dog food options by offering eight different dry food choices and four wet food choices for all types and ages of dogs.

Beneful is also a standout in that it definitely stands behind its high quality product. If any purchaser of Beneful is unsatisfied within 60 days of buying the product, they can return it for a full refund from Beneful.