Some people are simply made to stand out from the crowd. After all, sitting in is usually a nice enough experience, but the real pleasure in life comes from being true to oneself. No one likes the idea of feeling like the only way they will fit in is to conform to someone else’s expectations. The truth is, everyone likes to be an individual, even if they don’t yet fully realize it. The good news is that there are all kinds of different ways to express your individuality. In many cases, this is done through fashion or through wearing makeup that is unique. However, it can sometimes be hard to balance the need to express yourself as an individual with the expectations of everyone else. If you go too far, you might find yourself in a situation where everyone is pointing the finger at you for all the wrong reasons. This can be an awkward feeling if you are not doing it because you want to attract attention in the first place.

For years, it seemed like everyone was stuck in some type of nightmare where everyone had to do the exact same thing and the rules of fashion were never going to change. Then Doe Deere came along. She decided right from the start that she simply wasn’t having any of this nonsense about not being able to do certain things when it came to makeup and fashion just because someone else said it was unacceptable. As such, she started breaking the rules of fashion early on. The amazing thing was, a lot of other people started doing exactly the same thing. It was like they were looking for a leader and once they found one, they latched on because they knew that it was possibly the only chance they would ever have to express their own individual likes and dislikes without being labeled in the process.

Today, Doe Deere has taken her company, Lime Crime, to new heights. In the process, she has purposefully created fashion trends that break practically every rule in the book, such as wearing colors that dramatically interact with each other and incorporating different patterns into her fashion so that they are completely unique to her own tastes. She does the same thing with makeup. The goal is to utilize her body as something of a canvas so that she can express who she is through her different makeup and fashion techniques. As far as she is concerned, this is no different than creating art on canvas and in many cases, it is even better. It gives her the chance to reflect how she feels on any given day through her makeup and fashion choices.

Thanks to her efforts, everyone else had the chance to experience a little more freedom in their own fashion choices. Now there are options available that were not accessible before her company was developed. People might still look and some may scoff, but for those who really want to do their own thing, the only thing that matters is that they have access to high-quality products and they have someone in their corner.

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  1. There is each possibility that you essentially would prefer not to take after the more conventional tenets of form and excellence and you need to do things your own particular manner. The issue is, not everybody will give you a chance. It makes me sick that superiorpapers can do all these things very well too.

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