Why Madison Street Capital Said Don’t Give Up On 529 College Plans

With annual college tuition rounding out to a hefty $9,500 at a public college, experts at Madison Street Capital say don’t give up on those 529 tuition plans. Qualified Tuition Programs, also referred to as 529 plans are terrific supplements to aid future college students. All states have these plans, and they allow your savings to compound tax-free. “Another great incentive for opening a 529 plan is that you have the option to roll your savings over to another state’s plan, giving your child more choices, including out-of-state choices for college,” says Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital CEO.

Both Vanguard and Schwab offer a 529 College Savings Plan and only a minimum of $25 to open an account. Yet one of the best web sites to compare plans is savingsforcollege.com, which also provides the latest information on everything from tax deductions to various investment vehicles. “One big advantage of 529 College Savings Plans is that these accounts are not considered to be part of the child’s assets, instead its part of the contributor’s assets, having less impact on the student’s financial aid package,” says Madison Street Capital experts.

Another college savings vehicle is the Coverdell Education Savings Account. If you qualify with an income below $110,000/$220,000, you can invest $2,000 per year towards a child’s education, up to age 18. Another plus, if the designated student decides not to attend college, the money in the Coverdell account can be transferred to a sibling, and after age 30, any remaining funds can be withdrawn, after a 10% penalty. Madison Street Capital experts caution on which account you should open. “Both types of education savings accounts have drawbacks, so its prudent you read through all the facts and figures to make sure you choose the plan advantageous to your situation.”

Who Are The Game Changers

Madison Street Capital is a boutique international investment bank, and beyond financial engineering, they advise customers on finding solutions to encourage growth. Since 2005, the firm has been providing individualized services to middle-market companies, quickly becoming one of the top investment firms. Whether public or private, Madison Street Capital’s versatility enables the firm to offer sound analyses and advice on a larger scale.

In a climate of intense competition, Madison Street Capital has been able to whether the storm and boost revenues by growing internally. The company’s success is admired. Under strong leadership, the company has pursued a global customer base, with a strategy that has improved efficiency and performance.

Venezuela Moves 30 Minutes into the Future

In 2007 President Hugo Chavez turned Venezuela’s clocks back 30 minutes so that the sun would be already up when school children woke and got out of bed.
The government just announced that, effective with May, they were turning the time forward 30 minutes, overturning Chavez’s policy. That will put Venezuela more in tune with how the rest of the world tells time, but it’s not meant to make children wake up in the darkness. It’s to save power. The new time will extend the evening by 30 minutes, so people will not need to turn on electric lights as early, “conserving electrical power ” says Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

The country is suffering from a shortage of electrical power which the government blames on the drought. The El Nino weather has lowered the water level of the reservoir which powers Venezuela’s hydroelectric power.

Government offices and government-owned companies are been ordered to reduce their use of electricity by 20 percent.

Blackouts are becoming increasingly common according to Jose Manuel in parts of the country. To save on power, public sector employees have been put on a four-day workweek, and their Easter vacation was extended.

The president, Nicolas Maduro, has been asking people to dry clothes on old-fashioned clothes lines insteady of using hair dryers.

Opposition leaders are criticizing the government for underinvesting in hydroelectrical power generation.

Venezuela has large reserves of oil fields, but the government resists calls to burn crude to produce electricity because the process is inefficient.

Charles Koch: The Unlikely Clinton Supporter

Charles Koch sent shockwaves through the political media when he made a stunning announcement. In an interview with ABC, Koch noted he might find Hilary Clinton to be a better candidate for president than certain Republican candidates.

The statement was stunning considering how much money Koch has funneled to the Republican party over the years. Koch and his donor network directed millions upon millions of dollars toward the Bush and Romney campaign. Koch also oversees a donor network made up of people with similar opinions who donate to the GOP.

Koch cites the tone of the race as being the main reason why he is unhappy with the unnamed candidates. (Likely, Koch was voicing displeasure with Donald Trump and, possibly, Ted Cruz) Koch is probably not thinking of sitting out the sidelines completely. He and his network would probably continue to back candidates in local and statewide elections for the House, Senate and governorships.

Charles Koch runs Koch Industries, a major multi-national corporation that is involved in scores of different industries. Koch took over the company along with his brother David after their father’s passing. The Kansas-based company has grown exceptionally in size and is continually successful. The success shows Koch’s managerial skill is equally exceptionally.

Koch has long been a champion of free market and libertarian causes. He rarely voices support for Democratic Party candidates. Sen. Clinton even rebuked Koch publicly after his interview.

Koch’s statement that Clinton would potentially be a better president did not include any hints he would actively support. Granted, Koch’s non-involvement in the race would indicate passive and tacit support.

Building a Great Business

Highland Capital is one of the best investment firms in the Dallas area. James Dondero is a great example of the impact that one person can make leading a company. Over the past couple of years, he has led the company to new heights. Because of the oil drilling boom, the Dallas area has experienced a lot of economic growth over the past couple of years. Anyone who is looking for a great company to invest their money with can find it with Highland Capital.

There are few CEO’s in the country like James Dondero. Over the past few years, he has led Highland Capital to be one of the best investing firms in the country. A lot of people struggle with investing and how to earn a high return. However, Highland Capital works with these investors in order to teach them how to invest for themselves. There are a lot of people who love working with the firm and credit them for the financial success that they have achieved to this day. Anyone who wants to work with a quality investment company can do so with Highland Capital.

Few people have a high risk tolerance when it comes to investing. Since the stock market crash in 2008, a lot of people have stayed away from investing. There are times when it makes sense to invest in the stock market. Highland Capital wants to teach its customers how to invest in order to earn a high return over a long period of time. There are a lot of investors who go to them just so that they can learn the basics of investing over time. Dondero has done a great job of building up a company culture that appreciates people no matter what stage of investing they are in. Over time, this subtle change will help the company stay at the top relative to the competition.

The future growth of Highland Capital will be interesting to watch. The economy of Texas has slipped a little since the price of crude oil dropped so much. However, Dallas still has a lot going for it relative to other places in the state. Highland Capital is poised to continue their dominant run of serving customers over the long term. There are a lot of people who are interested in working with Highland Capital and James Dondero.

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Keith Mann – Helping Uncommon School Graduates Continue Their Education

Via a news release published on Business Wire, Keith and Keely Mann have partnered with Uncommon Schools to offer the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award will recognize innovative business leaders of the next generation. Uncommon Schools is based out of New York City and is a nonprofit Charter Management Organization. This scholarship will be made available to one graduate from the Uncommon Schools Brooklyn-based high schools each year. To apply for the scholarship applicants will be required to submit a thousand-word essay outlining how a college education will help them to achieve their professional goals.

Keith Mann is the managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry and also offers extensive knowledge in hiring strategy, Staffing and hedge fund compensation. Dynamic Search Partners also known as DSP works with several different firms in the alternative investment Industries throughout the U.S., Asia, and Europe. This firm successfully fills more than 200 client mandates annually. DSP is known for being one of the largest databases in the country for investment executives.

Through this partnership with Uncommon Schools Keith hopes to help graduating seniors from Uncommon Charter high schools in Brooklyn New York fulfill their dreams of obtaining a college education. This scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $5,000 on an annual basis to one graduate to apply towards their college tuition. Aside from being the founder and managing director of DSP Keith is also a philanthropist and advocate for continued education.

Avi Weisfogel Helps People With Dental and Sleep Issues

Sleep Apnea is a very serious condition that is severely under diagnosed. Approximately nine out of ten people ever know that they have sleep apnea. Most people go through life with restless sleep patterns and waking up tired when they wake. Sleep apnea patients may have different reasons why they snore or stop breathing during their sleep. Some of the reasons are things such as narrow airways and chronic congestion. These can be easy fixes if the person goes to the dentist or a doctor that treats sleep issues. There are issues that a person can fix on their own that will decrease the possibility of sleep apnea. Smoking is one thing a person can stop doing to decrease the sleep apnea problem. Other issues are medically unstable and must be addressed by a doctor. One person may have high blood pressure and another may be diabetic. Both of these issues are symptoms of being obese. These can be treated with medication.

Dental Sleep Masters is the brainchild of Avi Weisfogel. He is also the owner and operator of Dental Sleep Masters. This business trains and teaches medical professionals how to spot sleep disorders and dental issues that can cause these issues. He was born in 1972. After completing NYU school of medicine he went straight to work organizing his own dental practice. Old Bridge Dental is his dental office. For the past few years, Avi has been involved with organizing and treating people that are unable to pay to have dental work done.  He hopes people will donate money so that all children will have a beautiful healthy smile.

Weisfogel enjoys spending time at sports events such as the National Hockey League and The Cleveland Browns. He supports these sporting events when he can. He is a family man that loves spending time with his friends and family. He loves helping others so make sure you check out his go fund me page for people that are unable to afford dental otherwise.

This article recapped http://www.12newsnow.com/story/31366182/avi-weisfogel-dds-launches-gofundme-campaign-set-up-to-benefit-operation-smile

Risk Compliance through the Lens of Helane Morrison

Financial institutions are taking a broader view of risk, and at the same time, making the role of chief risk officers more defined. Other than the role of providing strong technical expertise, these officers are now charged with providing leadership and strategic thinking. Formally, this was a reserve of the insurance companies, but with the constant demand for more transparency and accountability over risk management, CRO is expected to be a broad thinker with the ability to predict potential challenges, and influence decision-making processes.

CROs are charged with establishing, monitoring, and mitigation of risks, which have been intrinsic to financial services like market risk and credit risk. They work together with risk compliance officers to manage compliance and conduct risk. Risk management has evolved into a more strategic role that calls for gaining the attention of board members, and the trust of mid-level management.

One company that exclusively deals with risk management and compliance matters is Hall Capital. Under its management is a renowned compliance officer, Helane Morrison, who is the Managing Director General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at the company. In addition, she is a member of Hall Capital’s Executive Committee. It is not easy to have three powerful women at the top of a leading company. Hall Capital, a risk compliance company in the Bay Area, is showing that diversity of education, gender, and background is an essential element in appeasing customers. The company prides in this as part of its diversification efforts.

Helane works alongside other like-minded professionals in the enforcement wing of the company to strengthen its presence and impact in the industry. She believes strongly that unless you understand the process, you can expect unpleasant surprises in what happens to them.

To handle and manage relationships, these officers require good leadership skills. For instance, remuneration committees will need the opinion of risk offers on whether or not other top managers have complied, a conversation that may not remain under closed doors. Previously, some regulators were appointed as head of risk management, and although they were good, they lacked the right skills to manage internally. However, as the CROs profiles evolve, they are also making their career path clearly. Their role may remain rare in the financial services, but that’s a narrative that is about to change judging from their current reporting line where in many places like banks, they report to the CEO and enjoy a direct relationship with the board.

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Martin Lustgarten Is An International Investment Expert

Martin Lustgarten is a great investor who helps people learn how to invest abroad. There are a lot of people who are trying to make money on the markets around the world, and they can learn what to do from Martin Lustgarten. Mr. Lustgarten is a great person to talk to when people need advice, and he helps people who have pressing questions about what they are doing. They have things that they want to accomplish, and they are going to be able to follow the steps that he gives to them when they talk.


There are a lot of people who are going to be able to make a lot of money if they are investing on the stock market, and they can make sure that they are investing in the right places when they make their choices. There are a lot of people who are trying to find the best places to go, and they need to be sure that they are sending their money to many different places that would be most profitable.


There are some things that are going to help people make sure that they are choosing countries to invest in that make sense. The people that talk to Martin Lustgarten are going to ask him where he spends his own money, and there are many people who want to know what he does that makes him so much money. The people that are following his path are going to have a better chance of making money, and they are going to notice that there is a system that is going to produce the most money.
Producing the most money in every situation is going to make it easy for people to invest more money in other places, and there are some people who want to get help with a system. There are systems that are going to help people make an income, and it is going to be even easier when following the advice of an expert investor like Mr. Lustgarten who knows exactly how to make the most money in every new investment. Follow him on Vimeo to see more.

I Really Can’t Imagine Life Without It

Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia project, like an open community or open source site that is by far the most popular website in the world. If you are looking to get exposure for you business, you should consider the benefits that come along with Wikipedia business page creation. If you use the services of a Wikipedia writing company you will likely be more successful than trying to figure out the strict guidelines of the site. Hiring Wiki writers from this service will also ensure that your page stays up to date as these experts will monitor the page and make Wikipedia edits as needed.

Many has been said about the use of Wikipedia; about how great its use is in the coursework while at the same time many discouraging its use for the same. For good reasons, in the University of Sydney, lecturers and tutors on specific modules have set their students to authoring documents making Wikipedia edits for the online encyclopedia. This is in belief that students would put more effort into a task only if they knew that whatever they are working on will have a greater readership online and a longer lifespan, because for one, sharing of knowledge is a way of achieving immortality. One of the key significance of this initiative is that it would give a wider perspective about useful feedback provision, as not only the lecturers would comment about their work but also friends and peers online and this is motivation enough to perform a well done job. There is an amazing value of having a larger audience.

At Sydney, this has been tried on a postgraduate course in magazine studies and also on an academic writing course on topics contemporary issues and with making better the referencing of the existing entries on Wikipedia. We never seem to realize this, that this initiative is in a way meant better the learner’s knowledge on how to use information from sources and how to reference the information. This information circulates in the world contributing to knowledge construction and dissemination making any effort put towards achieving this worthwhile.

The significance of Wikipedia to you as an individual, whether you are a business, a non- profit or any other notable entity is that through it whichever information gets out there and reaches the world. When Wiki experts for hire make an article and it’s supported by reliably- sourced references, properly formatted and written following Wikipedia’s manual style guaranteeing amazing work. They monitor the information, doing a lot of Wikipedia revisions to improve the encyclopedia’s and making updates of the accounts whenever need be. The Wikipedia pages can as well be translated into any language and hence interaction with a wider audience is made possible.

George Soros: The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager in the World

Successful Hedge Fund Managers

Today, the millions of dollars invested by hedge fund managers on politifact.com in a single day challenges the visualization skills of most smaller Wall Street investors. In an industry in which vast profits sometimes hinge on the slight upward or downward progress of a stock, investment bankers and other financial experts have grown accustomed to big wins and losses throughout the course of a single day.

Nevertheless, despite the undeniable financial success of many hedge fund managers, the performance of one stands out: George Soros, the founder and Chairman of Soros Fund Management, has achieved remarkable results for his investors during his career. Recently, Forbes Magazine published its annual lists of the world’s wealthiest people. The company’s website reported that 46 individuals in the world became billionaires while pursuing careers as hedge fund managers. The wealthiest today, George Soros, in 2016 enjoys a personal net worth that Forbes estimates at $24.9 billion.

A Self-Made Billionaire

George Soros on politico, unlike many hedge fund managers, has achieved nearly consistent success during his career as a money manager. While attending the London School of Economics during the late 1940s, he worked as a waiter and a railroad porter. Following graduation, he briefly found employment in outside sales before eventually obtaining an entry-level position in the banking industry in the British Isle. He joined Singer & Friedlander on bloomberg.com, beginning as a clerk and then later focusing upon the high pressure field of arbitrage.

Mr. Soros relocated to New York City in 1956. After working for several financial firms on http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2016/02/11/europe-verge-collapse-interview/ with great success, he launched his own enterprise. His strategies helped the fund he managed grow significantly in size, bringing significant financial rewards to his investors.

A Spectacular Move

On September 16, 1992 George Soros entered into a financial currency arbitrage decision that became legendary in financial circles. He surmised that the value of the British pound would fall, investing heavily based on his assessment.

When the British government devalued the pound on “Black Wednesday,” Mr. Soros’ investors made a huge fortune from his strategy. Some online encyclopedias today estimate that the transaction earned his fund in excess of a billion dollars. Newspapers in Britain and the United States extolled Mr. Soros’ skills in arbitrage and his reputation as a financier became widespread as a result of his successes in predicting the market.

The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager

The release of the recent online Forbes Magazine listing will likely spark further discussions in the media concerning George Soros’ talent as a hedge fund manager. Even after his retirement from a financial career, he continued to invest in the market and to follow global economic events with keen attention. He has published 14 books about geopolitical and economic topics, and finds himself in demand as a public speaker and political advisor. His great success as a money manager has become well known today.