As originally published by NASDAQ, image recognition platform Slyce Inc. recently announced a signed contract with a leading footwear and accessories outlet retailer. Shoe Carnival is headquartered in Evansville, IN, and operates 400 stores in 34 states and Puerto Rico. Slyce will generate revenue from the integration through software licensing and per search fees.

The Slyce mobile visual platform 3D technology enables visitors to their product line to snap a picture of any item, either in the real-world, or from magazine pages, and be presented with exact or closest match from their extensive catalog which can then be purchased with just a few taps. Shoe Carnival offers outstanding footwear, wallets, purses and care-related items not just for men and women but for the entire family. Shoe Carnival’s original owner, J. Wayne Weaver now serves as Board Chairman. Mark Elfenbein, President and CEO at Slyce said that even though Shoe Carnival, is smaller in scale to Slyce partner such as Home Depot, for example, is still very significant in size.

Slyce, Toronto-based visual search technology was launched in February 2013. Slyce’s Universal Scanner is a straight-forward solution seamlessly handles barcodes, coupons, QR codes, and any real world image. It uses the most accurate image recognition technology by snapping or scanning an item to receive an instant or exact match.

With the Slyce application, you can define the exact attributes, like color, pattern, style, unique features), which in turn then will show up with similar products from the shopping catalog. The picture could be taken from a print catalog, magazine ads and on billboards. It also works online; for example, matching a photo of an item on Pinterest. Slyce and visual search technology have proven to be so innovative for sales that companies are joining with Slyce in order to increase sales. The smartphone and tablet app makes it easy for snapping images with the application and any consumer can take advantage of the visual search technology.