Charles Koch sent shockwaves through the political media when he made a stunning announcement. In an interview with ABC, Koch noted he might find Hilary Clinton to be a better candidate for president than certain Republican candidates.

The statement was stunning considering how much money Koch has funneled to the Republican party over the years. Koch and his donor network directed millions upon millions of dollars toward the Bush and Romney campaign. Koch also oversees a donor network made up of people with similar opinions who donate to the GOP.

Koch cites the tone of the race as being the main reason why he is unhappy with the unnamed candidates. (Likely, Koch was voicing displeasure with Donald Trump and, possibly, Ted Cruz) Koch is probably not thinking of sitting out the sidelines completely. He and his network would probably continue to back candidates in local and statewide elections for the House, Senate and governorships.

Charles Koch runs Koch Industries, a major multi-national corporation that is involved in scores of different industries. Koch took over the company along with his brother David after their father’s passing. The Kansas-based company has grown exceptionally in size and is continually successful. The success shows Koch’s managerial skill is equally exceptionally.

Koch has long been a champion of free market and libertarian causes. He rarely voices support for Democratic Party candidates. Sen. Clinton even rebuked Koch publicly after his interview.

Koch’s statement that Clinton would potentially be a better president did not include any hints he would actively support. Granted, Koch’s non-involvement in the race would indicate passive and tacit support.

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