Anthony Marsala Co Founder of Madison Street Capital Earns Emerging Leaders Award

Anthony Marsala, COO of Madison Street Capital, was the recipient of this years Emerging Leaders Award. The Madison Capital executive managed to land a spot on the list due to his exceptional experiences and accomplishments within the industry. The judges for the event were made up of well established experts in business.

Anthony gave a speech for his award, which he stated being overjoyed at being recognized for his dedication and accomplishments. He was also quick to praise the work of his fellow professional team members. David Fergusson, M&A Advisor president, stated that the expansion of the program into Europe would create a network of exceptional young leaders around the world. The Emerging Leaders Award was established for this very reason, to recognize and celebrate strong achievements made by the financial sector professionals.

As co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Madison Street Capital, Anthony’s 15 years of experience within the industry can be seen day in and out. He was also honored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts in 2015 as part of their 40 under forty program that recognizes talent. The winners of the Emerging Leaders Award, past and present, are to attend an Awards Gala in New York with a Black Tie theme. This Awards Gala brings together all of the Emerging Leaders together with other business professionals in the industry. The original as well as additional information can be found on Benzinga.

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based investment banking firm that provides exceptional services related to finances. The firms services and knowledge are focused on bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, business valuations and financial advisement. The guiding light for Madison Street Capital is in integrity and leadership, while providing excellent service. The firm is dedicated to hiring seasoned professionals with a passion for the industry. The seasoned team behind Madison Capital are experts in evaluating the needs of their clientele.

As Madison Capital continues to expand its operations outside of North America, in places such as Africa and Asia, so does the demand for their services. The firm has an excellent ability for understanding the needs of each client. Because of this, the company is able to enhance the financial assets of individual clients. Madison Capital also works with other institutions globally and locally to make a difference in the world’s communities.

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Anarchy Comes to Venezuela

The music and fiction world is filled with interesting and speculative presentations of societies thrown into anarchy. Punk rock music bands sing songs about anarchy. Science-fiction films such as Mad Max provide glimpses into the fall of society. In these presentations, things aren’t always so bad. The situation is presented is adventurous.
In Venezuela, the world can see the actual descent of society into anarchy. The images are not darkly romantic or wildly adventurous.

In real life, when society and civilization start to collapse, people suffer. Such is the case in Venezuela where food and essential household items are in incredibly short supply. The situation is not a positive one and, sadly, the youngest and weakest in the population seem to suffer the most. Again, the scenario reflects real life and not a science-fiction landscape.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is suggesting there is anything wrong with bizarre fantasy worlds, but people do have to realize that certain infrastructures in society exist for a reason. When a country’s governmental infrastructure begins to collapse, things change for the dire.

If anything, the disaster in Venezuela should serve as a warning to those who do not see the danger in allowing an incompetent government to have a free reign to make bad decisions. Voters like Velasquez Figueroa have to be informed and make proper choices when those running the proverbial show are running it into the ground. Of course, real life does always allow for making the right steps easy to accomplish.



How Wealth Solutions Has Managed to Help Clients Make Sound Investment Decisions

With the increase of online platforms where people in different locations in the United States can get tenants for short term tenancy agreements, it is has also become increasingly costly for many of the millions of people who use some of these sites in the country. These online sites are however beneficial to the homeowners because they can get income from renting several rooms of their apartment to travelers visiting their area for a few months. This type of tenancy arrangement is also beneficial to the travelers because they are able to get accommodation before they visit the particular area. However, there are certain risks that attach with the use of these online platforms that are used widely by many people in the United States of America.

First, it is important for homeowners to note that these online platforms that they use to get tenants for short term tenancy agreements do not cushion them against any risks that may occur during the tenancy period. On the contrary, most of these sites exclaim liability at the time when one is joining the site. At the end of the day, the landlord ends up bearing the burden of any losses that may be incurred. Although some online platforms provide for a compensation plan of sorts, it is often a long tedious process that only works when the person the person who has incurred losses has exhausted all other available means to get compensated for damages.

Having looked at this, it is necessary to point out that the landlord or person leasing out part of their apartment most importantly ought to consider the issue of finance. Some of the unfortunate risks that may arise out of the tenancy agreement is theft of the landlords property, blatant destruction of the homeowner’s property by the tenant, disagreements between the landlord and the tenant that may lead to the tenant’s refusal to pay rent, and injuries that the tenant may suffer at the home. In the event that the person seeks compensation from his insurer under the home policy, it is likely that the claim will be denied because the apartment was used for purposes other than the apartment being a home. To ensure that you are sufficiently protected under your home insurance policy, it is necessary to speak to your insurance provider to include a clause on the short term tenancy business. In the alternative, it is wise to get a business cover since you are engaging in rental business.

It is also necessary for the individual to consider the legal requirements that he or she ought to comply with. These include payment of taxes, opening the premises for inspection and receiving a license to operate the business. This requirement is mostly made by the local authorities and if one isn’t sure, he or she can visit a lawyer’s chambers for advice.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. The firm deals through its founder advice clients on smart investments that they can engage in to grow their wealth for their sake and their family. The services include advising clients on investment, retirement and strategies to preserve and grow their wealth.

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Ross Abelow: An Attorney and Philanthropist

Misunderstandings often fuel the vicious cycles of homelessness, starvation, and neglect so prominently seen in today’s world. It is not common knowledge to know just how many animals are without food, water, and adequate shelter each day, and few platforms exist that allow others to get the word out. However, those with a strong sense of compassion brainstorm ideas in an attempt to benefit the population of the voiceless by allowing them to be heard, and the final idea is often to take to social media.

Newspapers are seemingly a thing of the past, and the population mostly takes to social media as a means to learn the world’s current happenings., for example, is a website designed for people to accept charitable donations from complete strangers across the globe. Medical bills, weddings, and travel opportunities have been made possible with the platform, but few use it to help the homeless animal population. Ross Abelow, however, is a New York attorney intent on getting help for the skyrocketing population of homeless animals. Taking to the well-known website for assistance, Abelow has set a goal of five thousand dollars. These funds will go directly to shelters across the state in order to abate the costs of food, vaccines, electricity, and medical care for animals.

Launched on January 13, 2016, the campaign illustrated the problems associated with animals across the city being hungry and outside in the cold. Shelters in the city have over fifty thousand stray animals to take care of each day, and the costs of doing so are truly astronomical. Though the financial aspects of reducing the stray population are important, raising awareness is the most effective means to completely abolish the homeless animal population.

The attorney specializes in entertainment, matrimonial, and family law, so there is no denying his compassionate soul nor the understanding that animals are family if welcomed as such. Well-educated, experienced, and savvy to social media, Abelow works tirelessly as a philanthropist when he is not in the courtroom. Combining modern capabilities with ancient world problems, the lawyer is engrossed in his cause to help animals. Hoping to meet and even exceed the five thousand dollar goal, Ross will not soon give up fighting for such an important cause.

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LaidLaw and Company:Profiles Of Investment

With over 170 years under their belt on stopbrokerfraud, LaidLaw and Company has a firm strong reputation. It’s legacy built upon autonomous speculation managing has made it stand out from the pack. As a securities business with a focus on the issues affecting both local and universal organizations, Laidlaw and Company has a broad range of appeal.

Laidlaw and Company has developed an efficient system of offices all over the United States and Europe with 150 representatives working for them under FCA approval and FINRA enrollment. This allows the firm to make new connections and handle individual customers on 800notes on a worldwide premise.

An entrepreneurial and relationship driven society portrayed by a solid hard working attitude and a “conceive brand new ideas” approach on, gathering resources and conveying money related arrangements through both hostage and autonomous deals workplaces. Focused on centered accurate predictions, they do not gamble away funds like some le cautious firms. Every single move made is cautious and thought out 5 steps ahead.

In conclusion, Laidlaw is a force to be reckoned with. With its capacity to help rising organizations rapidly accumulate capital through solid retail deals, it has assured it will be around for years to come.

Prominent Venezuelan Politician Sues the Wall Street Journal

Diasdado Cabello, a prominent member of the Hugo Chavez government and a former head of Venezuela’s National Assembly under Nicolas Maduro, has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Wall Street Journal made false and defamatory statements about him. The lawsuit was filed against Newscorp, which is the Wall Street Journal’s parent company. The lawsuit stems from the paper’s reporting on claims by U.S. authorities that Cabello was the leader in a drug trafficking scheme as explained by David Osio. Cabello has denied involvement in drug trafficking. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. federal prosecutors have not taken official actions but are investigating. The Human Rights Foundation, a New York based organization headed by Venezuelan activist Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, has also accused Cabello of drug trafficking.
The Wall Street Journal claimed that Cabello was the lead target in the U.S. investigations, a claim that according to, the lawsuit alleges is false and defamatory. The lawsuit also claims that the paper failed to properly source its reporting, indicating that it knowingly published false information. The lawsuit claims that the Journal’s reporting has caused “enormous damage to Mr Cabello’s reputation and good name, both personally and in his capacity as a key member of Venezuela’s national assembly.” According to The Guardian, Newscorp has not yet commented publicly on the lawsuit.

The case is titled Cabello-Rondon v Dow Jones & Company Inc, et al, US district court, Southern District of New York, No 16-03346.