Misunderstandings often fuel the vicious cycles of homelessness, starvation, and neglect so prominently seen in today’s world. It is not common knowledge to know just how many animals are without food, water, and adequate shelter each day, and few platforms exist that allow others to get the word out. However, those with a strong sense of compassion brainstorm ideas in an attempt to benefit the population of the voiceless by allowing them to be heard, and the final idea is often to take to social media.

Newspapers are seemingly a thing of the past, and the population mostly takes to social media as a means to learn the world’s current happenings. GoFundMe.com, for example, is a website designed for people to accept charitable donations from complete strangers across the globe. Medical bills, weddings, and travel opportunities have been made possible with the platform, but few use it to help the homeless animal population. Ross Abelow, however, is a New York attorney intent on getting help for the skyrocketing population of homeless animals. Taking to the well-known website for assistance, Abelow has set a goal of five thousand dollars. These funds will go directly to shelters across the state in order to abate the costs of food, vaccines, electricity, and medical care for animals.

Launched on January 13, 2016, the campaign illustrated the problems associated with animals across the city being hungry and outside in the cold. Shelters in the city have over fifty thousand stray animals to take care of each day, and the costs of doing so are truly astronomical. Though the financial aspects of reducing the stray population are important, raising awareness is the most effective means to completely abolish the homeless animal population.

The attorney specializes in entertainment, matrimonial, and family law, so there is no denying his compassionate soul nor the understanding that animals are family if welcomed as such. Well-educated, experienced, and savvy to social media, Abelow works tirelessly as a philanthropist when he is not in the courtroom. Combining modern capabilities with ancient world problems, the lawyer is engrossed in his cause to help animals. Hoping to meet and even exceed the five thousand dollar goal, Ross will not soon give up fighting for such an important cause.

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