Anthony Marsala, COO of Madison Street Capital, was the recipient of this years Emerging Leaders Award. The Madison Capital executive managed to land a spot on the list due to his exceptional experiences and accomplishments within the industry. The judges for the event were made up of well established experts in business.

Anthony gave a speech for his award, which he stated being overjoyed at being recognized for his dedication and accomplishments. He was also quick to praise the work of his fellow professional team members. David Fergusson, M&A Advisor president, stated that the expansion of the program into Europe would create a network of exceptional young leaders around the world. The Emerging Leaders Award was established for this very reason, to recognize and celebrate strong achievements made by the financial sector professionals.

As co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Madison Street Capital, Anthony’s 15 years of experience within the industry can be seen day in and out. He was also honored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts in 2015 as part of their 40 under forty program that recognizes talent. The winners of the Emerging Leaders Award, past and present, are to attend an Awards Gala in New York with a Black Tie theme. This Awards Gala brings together all of the Emerging Leaders together with other business professionals in the industry. The original as well as additional information can be found on Benzinga.

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based investment banking firm that provides exceptional services related to finances. The firms services and knowledge are focused on bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, business valuations and financial advisement. The guiding light for Madison Street Capital is in integrity and leadership, while providing excellent service. The firm is dedicated to hiring seasoned professionals with a passion for the industry. The seasoned team behind Madison Capital are experts in evaluating the needs of their clientele.

As Madison Capital continues to expand its operations outside of North America, in places such as Africa and Asia, so does the demand for their services. The firm has an excellent ability for understanding the needs of each client. Because of this, the company is able to enhance the financial assets of individual clients. Madison Capital also works with other institutions globally and locally to make a difference in the world’s communities.

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