Multi-billionaire investment guru George Soros is an investor who likes to stay responsive to the marketplace. Right now, Soros is feeling ‘bearish’ about the market, and he is diving back into trading after taking a long break. Certainly, right now the world’s political outlook is in flux. Yet Soros, a savvy investor if there ever was one, is now making some big investment moves. The thought behind Soros’ recent moves is that he intends to benefit from the coming economic turmoil he sees on the horizon.

George Soros has been out of the trading markets for a long stretch. He’s held off recently as the market experienced high volatility as a result of the economic changes going on in China. Now however, Soros appears to have changed his strategy and is now looking to benefit from smart trades in a shaky market.

The last time George Soros made large trades was back in 2007, as he took advantage of the looming economic meltdown. Soros prescient market moves netted his company $1 billion in gains over the next two years, so it’s understandable why he would feel moved to get involved in the market again. Soros is a man who moves on his hunches, and right now he is seeing big opportunities in what is happening in the world and in the markets.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

According to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal, it seems that Soros got a bit bored being out of the market action in recent years. The story also notes that Soros is feeling quite pessimistic right now about the situation in China and in Europe ,and this is driving his investment strategy. Though some political and market watchers are preaching a policy of positive thinking about the global situation, Soros doesn’t seem to share that view.

Apparently, George Soros still believes that China is in a very unstable position, and the fallout from the ‘Brexit’ vote still hasn’t settled down. All of this pessimism may well pay off for Soros, however, as he watches the market and devises a strategy that turns a dark situation into a big opportunity for gain.

Will Soros strategy pay off as it did for him in the past? Only time will tell, but if Soros’ track record is any indication, it looks like things will pay off handsomely for him.

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