Reputation Management Tips management is a critical aspect of marketing in this world of the Internet. Reputation means online reputation, and there are tools and methods used for the purpose of managing an online reputation. To learn more, read Steven B. Scheck. “Effective Ways to Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation.”, 23 August 2016.

In his article, Scheck describes six Online Reputation Management Tips that are proven effective in online reputation management. First, Scheck says Claim Your Name Brand. It would seem obvious that the owner of any recognized product brand would make efforts to protect that brand, but in the new world of social media, that seems less true. The risk, Scheck says, is that someon may jump out into social media to begin misrepresenting the brand, and the brand holder needs to guard against this by taking steps to represent the brand positively.

Next is Monitor Your Brands Reputation, and that almost goes without saying. Monitoring the reputation is a precursor to maximizing it, and efforts must be made to do so.

Next is Respond to Criticism. This is an important aspect of communication with customers and potential customers who have crticized the brand, and the various aspects of social media lend well to this effort.
Register in Reputable Local Business Directories, Scheck says, although this is surely easier said than done. Find the reputable directories first, of which there are probably several, and then choose the one or two that can most effectively build online reputation.
Finally, Scheck recommends that a brand manager Publish Quality Content. This is especially useful when registering with local directories. Informative and relevant content also helps with Google rankings and is a very effective search engine optimization tool. Customers seek good content online when choosing a brand and base buying decisions on the content they find.


Helane Morrison has Built Her Career for her Clients

Helane Morrison has dedicated a significant amount of her career to defending her clients and the people of the United States against corrupt and dangerous business practices.

In 1986, she entered into the law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Within that firm, she was eventually promoted to partner in 1991. During her stay there, she was primarily involved in business litigation and SEC matters. Helane left SEC in 1996 to apply her passion more directly.

In 1999 she moved on to be the Head of San Francisco Office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. There, she was involved in the financial industry throughout five different Northwest states while maintaining the position of Regional Director. In that position, she handled business relations and government agencies for the SEC. She handled cases for fraud of top executives at influential companies such as Google, HBO, and HP. One of her biggest achievements was exposing the deceptive sale of false securities by American Amicable. The insurance company scammed nearly 50,000 military personnel. She eventually left the SEC in 2007.

In 2009, Helane Morrison entered Hall Capital Partners LLC as the Chief Compliance Officer. Hall Capital, being one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco, handles a lot of the different clients around the area. Most notably about the company however, is the mission statement to faithfully serve clients. This goal is put forward by Helane herself.

Helane knows how devastating the 2008 economic downturn was for the public trust in the financial service industry. The average citizen felt scammed out of their money by the top financial leaders at these firms who used their clients money for their personal gain.

Helane Morrison, however, aims to bring accountability and integrity back into the industry that she works in.

Helane is an assertive, sharp, and hard working individual and as a result, has made a significant impression in the compliance field as someone who is deeply passionate about her job and those she serves.

She and her professional team personally investigate every firm that she uses for her clients. She makes sure that they are top quality both financially and ethically. In addition, if there is suspicious activity after the fact, Helane Morrison personally goes through the company and enforces disciplinary action which could be as severe as pressing criminal charges.

Helane Morrison puts a lot of effort into the care of her clients.

Don Ressler: Entrepreneurship, Success

Don Ressler has had many successful businesses within his entrepreneurship career. The most recent of which is the fast-growing company JustFab. The third-party service built off of his co-founded company Intelligent Beauty has become a complete success in recent years. The company has been valued at $1 billion by Fortune, which it achieved through its personalized fashion service the company is based around. JustFab offers its consumers a new way to shop on the internet by letting the company shop for them. Clients go on and select the kinds of clothing styles they enjoy and then JustFab finds clothes similar to these selections. These clothes are then mailed to the client along with photos and descriptions on how to wear the new clothes. This new approach on shopping online developed by Don Ressler and the team he works with at JustFab have made it the successful worldwide company that it is today.

Before his start at Intelligent Beauty and JustFab Don Ressler had started another company called The online company became such a success through his marketing and internet skills that he was able to sell it to MySpace’s parent company Intermix Media. Soon after selling his company to Intermix Media he actually joined them to start a new subdivision called Alena Media. There he met his current co-founder of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg, who was at the time the COO of Intermix. The two got off to a good start as they both had the same entrepreneurial mindset (Adam Goldenberg having also started his own company before joining Intermix Media). Together they ran Alena Media, which was an ecommerce and performance advertising division, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Intermix Media. During this time their division was actually the only profit center that Intermix had under their control, proving the online business skills the duo have. In 2005, however, News Corporation took over Intermix Media and started to suppress their new division. Having no ties to the new company Don Ressler decided to leave in 2006 with Adam Goldenberg to start Intelligent Beauty. At their new company, Don Ressler’s entrepreneurial skills thrived as they started multiple new health and beauty lines from the company. They used these subdivisions to build reputation for their brand and then launched JustFab. Since then JustFab has generated millions in revenue and been one of Don Ressler’s greatest successes.

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WEN By Chaz Dean Is Put To The Test

There is seemingly no end to the products out there which promise beautiful and healthy hair. You can read bottles and look at pictures all day and get no closer to that thick and bouncy head of hair. In an article from Bustle, Emily McClure took WEN by Chaz Dean [see,] and put their cleansing conditioner to the test for 7 days.

Day 1
A day packed with a lot of travel and switching vehicles and she was ready for the shower. She claims that her hair went from greasy and messy to feeling instantly thicker. She also stated that for the first time, none of the hair was in her drain at the end.

Days 3 And 4
By the middle of the test week, she was receiving compliments from people who she sees regularly and was feeling good about the way her hair felt and looked. She also claims that she was happy with her hair for the first time all week long.

Days 5 – 7
By the end of the week, she was feeling much more confident about the product and what it can do for thinner hair like hers. She claimed that is was definitely what she needed after a week of hair struggles.

You’ve more than likely seen an ad for Wen hair care line. It has become quite popular over time and the women who use it stand by it with confidence. They claim to have the answer for any type of hair and always have models strutting their beautiful hair in the infomercials. Wen by Chaz can be purchased from the Wen official website, via or from select retailers like Sephora cosmetics.

With the many types of shampoos and conditioners that they have available, it’s definitely worth a look for yourself. For the whole article from Bustle, click the link at the top.

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