There is seemingly no end to the products out there which promise beautiful and healthy hair. You can read bottles and look at pictures all day and get no closer to that thick and bouncy head of hair. In an article from Bustle, Emily McClure took WEN by Chaz Dean [see,] and put their cleansing conditioner to the test for 7 days.

Day 1
A day packed with a lot of travel and switching vehicles and she was ready for the shower. She claims that her hair went from greasy and messy to feeling instantly thicker. She also stated that for the first time, none of the hair was in her drain at the end.

Days 3 And 4
By the middle of the test week, she was receiving compliments from people who she sees regularly and was feeling good about the way her hair felt and looked. She also claims that she was happy with her hair for the first time all week long.

Days 5 – 7
By the end of the week, she was feeling much more confident about the product and what it can do for thinner hair like hers. She claimed that is was definitely what she needed after a week of hair struggles.

You’ve more than likely seen an ad for Wen hair care line. It has become quite popular over time and the women who use it stand by it with confidence. They claim to have the answer for any type of hair and always have models strutting their beautiful hair in the infomercials. Wen by Chaz can be purchased from the Wen official website, via or from select retailers like Sephora cosmetics.

With the many types of shampoos and conditioners that they have available, it’s definitely worth a look for yourself. For the whole article from Bustle, click the link at the top.

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