Don Ressler has had many successful businesses within his entrepreneurship career. The most recent of which is the fast-growing company JustFab. The third-party service built off of his co-founded company Intelligent Beauty has become a complete success in recent years. The company has been valued at $1 billion by Fortune, which it achieved through its personalized fashion service the company is based around. JustFab offers its consumers a new way to shop on the internet by letting the company shop for them. Clients go on and select the kinds of clothing styles they enjoy and then JustFab finds clothes similar to these selections. These clothes are then mailed to the client along with photos and descriptions on how to wear the new clothes. This new approach on shopping online developed by Don Ressler and the team he works with at JustFab have made it the successful worldwide company that it is today.

Before his start at Intelligent Beauty and JustFab Don Ressler had started another company called The online company became such a success through his marketing and internet skills that he was able to sell it to MySpace’s parent company Intermix Media. Soon after selling his company to Intermix Media he actually joined them to start a new subdivision called Alena Media. There he met his current co-founder of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg, who was at the time the COO of Intermix. The two got off to a good start as they both had the same entrepreneurial mindset (Adam Goldenberg having also started his own company before joining Intermix Media). Together they ran Alena Media, which was an ecommerce and performance advertising division, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Intermix Media. During this time their division was actually the only profit center that Intermix had under their control, proving the online business skills the duo have. In 2005, however, News Corporation took over Intermix Media and started to suppress their new division. Having no ties to the new company Don Ressler decided to leave in 2006 with Adam Goldenberg to start Intelligent Beauty. At their new company, Don Ressler’s entrepreneurial skills thrived as they started multiple new health and beauty lines from the company. They used these subdivisions to build reputation for their brand and then launched JustFab. Since then JustFab has generated millions in revenue and been one of Don Ressler’s greatest successes.

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