2016 Wessex Institute Programme

2016 has been a big year for the Wessex Institute Conferences. The cause of international knowledge transfer has been advanced a great deal by these events.

Whether the topic is Big Data, Sustainability, Waste Management, or Defence, these issues impact us all in one way or another. Held in locations around Europe, including Greece, Spain, and Italy, these conferences bring scholars from around the world together.

For example, the Comprail 2016 Conference was co-chaired by Dr Norio Tomii of Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan; Prof Bin Ning of Beijing Jiaotong University, China; and Dr Panos Tzieropoulos of the Polytechnique of Lausanne, Switzerland. This diversity of backgrounds and opinions allows for the true exchange and advancement of new ideas.

Developing an Effective Communication Strategy

If you are an entrepreneur, then you probably have an unsurpassed passion for your product. It is easy for you to communicate to others what you want to accomplish and you find that often your enthusiasm is contagious. As your company blossoms, those who you add to your team may not have the same passion. One way to solve this issue is to develop a communication strategy that keeps everyone involved presenting a unified enthusiastic message points out an article in CMS Wire. This plan must incorporate every member of the business to be most effective.

The communication strategy must start with a overlying strategy incorporating everybody from the largest stakeholder to the lowly janitor. At a minimum, each person must be able to state the company’s mission statement and explain the purpose behind the company.
Furthermore, the communication strategy must involve tactical planning incorporating upcoming events. It must never be allowed to become a finished strategy that is memorized by new employees and soon forgotten. Instead, everyone must know how they can have input into the communication strategy. Company-wide surveys identifying blocks in the strategy at all levels must be developed. Employees can be kept in the loop through various channels including company conferences, blogs, and face-to-face meetings. Company directors must be willing to meet with everyone within the company.
After the internal communication strategy begins to function, then an external communication strategy needs to be developed. Possible means of communicating messages to potential customers include social media, websites, emails and press.
Putting an effective communication strategy in place helps eliminate negativity from a company. Then, if someone tries to say something negative about the company, everyone has the same messages to help them respond.


Luxury Real Estate Agency, TOWN Residential, Rises to the Top of NYC Industry

Luxury real estate offices and brokerages have to have a special knowledge and strategic business sense in order to efficiently assist their group of clients. In less than seven years, TOWN Residential and Commercial has become one of New York City’s finest luxury real estate agencies. Their experience is in renting, leasing and purchasing all types of luxury properties.


Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Residential in 2010 to service NYC. Focusing mainly on Manhattan and Brooklyn, but also reaching into other areas, he began to acquire a team that had experience in the city, but who also had expertise in real estate. TOWN is designed for high-end investments both in residential properties and commercial. Heiberger developed his team and created an exquisite niche in the NYC industry by raising the standards of the everyday reality to a higher level.


My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home” is the slogan that the representative’s embrace for the client. There are 11 TOWN offices across the city and the most recent office is located in the popular meatpacking district, where office space rents for $90 a sq. ft. During this same time, TOWN opened two other offices in high-profile locations including Union Square, which is the new headquarters, and in Greenwich Village.


It’s no wonder that TOWN is accelerating to the top of the NYC real estate market so quickly. They offer an exquisite niche in luxury real estate that emphasizes remarkable services for their clients and creatively-styled and staged properties. Hand-selected professional team members with talent and extensive knowledge of the city contribute to their growth.


TOWN Team Professionals


The TOWN team is the foundation for the success of the agency. Andrew Heiberger has strategically placed his team members in the positions where they excel instead of simply adding real estate agents to the staff. There are six different categories of the staff; Corporate and Creative has five members; Commercial, has two specialty members; Marketing and Leasing has two; Leasing, two; New Development, eight; and Sales is the largest group with ten. Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana together are the Executive Leaders.


A team constructed in this way shows that TOWN has established expertise in every area of the agency. This is how they are able to meet the needs of their exclusive clientele, quickly and efficiently. Each TOWN representative focuses on their area of professionalism but is still available when the client requires a service. Customer service is the supreme at TOWN; they place the client before anything else.


The proof of their success is evident in the number of clients they have connected to amazing condos, homes, and townhouses. Pleased customers are always the best advertisement, but TOWN has also been awarded recognition within NYC. They were voted “ Best Firm to Work For” and “One of the 50 Best Places to Work in New York City,” which actually reflects both on the leadership skills and proficiency in the real estate market of founder and Executive Director Heiberger.

IAP Worldwide: The Leading Logistics Supplier

IAP Worldwide is a logistics and procurement company whose goal is to solve the most challenging problems using expertise, proven technology and ingenuity. The company has been a leading international agency for over six decades and offers a huge variety of solutions and services to the United States, global organizations and international government agencies. IAP provides secure, innovative and reliable seasoned program management to meet its clients’ complex and different challenges.

This leading logistics company is known for being a responsive and reliable market leader who not only meets but exceeds client expectations. IAP Worldwide Services diligently sort out every issue affecting their customers. This is what makes them unique by adopting their clients’ missions as theirs, channeling their passion, experience, and conviction into innovative solutions and exceptional outcomes. They are ready at a moment’s notice to assist during natural disasters and overseas battles. They are skilled at planning, coordinating and undertaking logistical and technical challenges.

IAP Worldwide delivers workforce, technologies and program management on kayescholer.com needed to supports its customers’ staff flexibility needs around the world. The company’s headquarters is located in Cape Canaveral, FL and has more than 100 offices in 20 countries across the globe. IAP Worldwide runs offices in Washington, D.C. area, the United Kingdom, Panama City and the Middle East. The company also maintains and runs military installations similar to the size of a small city, remote research laboratories, and civilian facilities.

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The company combines every unique skill, proficiency, and knowledge to form a cohesive structure that that is greater than the individual experience of each staff. The employees at IAP Worldwide Services are devoted to every mission that is unmatched in the industry. For this reason, IAP seeks skilled people who are passionate about their future and making the world a better place. The company employs experienced, devoted experts in the areas of Construction, General Management, Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Logistics, Program Management, Operations among other field and specialty areas.

The company empowers employees with knowledge and resources to undertake their jobs safely and effectively. This ensures that every employee contributes to the overall success of every job assignment. Employees at IAP feel a deep sense of equality, camaraderie, devotion, cooperation and continuous recognition of a job well done. The Human Resource experts at IAP are concerned about employees’ success in contributing to the company’s mission on Career Builder. The company develops and implements several support programs and processes that add value to IAP and its workforce. Working at IAP provides a satisfying and rewarding experience for everyone.