Doe Deere: The New Color Of Make Up

Doe Deere is the living embodiment of the notion that, in order to become successful, you don’t always have to follow the most conventional path. Born in Russia, she moved to the United States in order to follow her dreams of becoming a musician. However, she ended up becoming the founder, CEO and owner of a cosmetics company that’s already taking the fashion world by storm. Armed with a unique vision and an incredible amount of willpower, Doe managed to combine a variety of apparently incompatible talents in order to create Lime Crime, a revolutionary make-up that goes against the grain in exciting new ways. Learn more:

An entrepreneur from the get go, Doe started her first business in Russia by selling temporary tattoos to friends at the very young age of 14. Without even realizing it, she created her very first marketing campaign by wearing the tattoos herself in order to make them look cool to other kids. In a way, those temporary tattoos represented her first step not only in fashion, but in color as well.

Later in her life, Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, looking to polish her already blooming talents in fashion design. However, what really shaped up her unique vision was being in a band, which not only gave her a special insight of what makes trends exciting, but also allowed her to meet her future husband Mark, who is the current president of Lime Crime.

During those early years, Doe became very invested in designing and sewing her own collection, which consisted of boldly colorful pieces that really caught the eye. At the time, the fashion industry was heavily focused on understated and natural looks. This made brightly colored, fun make up really hard to come by. Looking to produce head-to-toe looks for her models, Doe started creating her own make up out of necessity, but not without inspiration. In 2008, she officially launched Lime Crime, instantly becoming a favorite of thousand of young girls who had the same kind of desperate need for color.

Today, having launched several successful lines of make-up, with a few instant-classics such as the Unicorns among them, Doe Deere is considered one of the most promising new talents in the world of make-up. According to herself, the secret was to always follow her dreams, tapping into what made her unique instead of keeping it hidden.

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The Unique Colors of Doe Deere

Doe Deere
Sometimes, a multitude of factors and circumstances combine into the perfect set-up for creation. This is precisely what happened with Doe Deere, also known as the Queen of Unicorns, who at a very young age is the founder and main creative force behind Lime Crime, the most exciting brand of alternative make-up today. It specializes in bold, uniquely colorful products that set themselves completely apart from all the mainstream commercial brands by going in a completely different direction. Highly innovative, and creating trends from day one, Lime Crime speaks to younger people with radical ideas, high hopes and colorful dreams.

Born with a high-octane drive, Doe Deere has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Back in Russia, at only 13 years of age, she began her first small business selling temporary tattoos to other teenagers. These kind of tattoos were a novelty at the time, which meant she had to hype them up by wearing them herself, unknowingly creating her first marketing campaign. Since then, Doe has greatly expanded her life-experience and business expertise. With the dream of becoming a musician, she moved to New York City, where she started a band with the man who would become her husband and collaborator. Having that experience allowed her to grow as a business woman, learn a lot about marketing and understand what makes fashion trends so powerful.

During her years in NYC, Doe also attended FIT, majoring in fashion design and refining her already strong understanding of fashion. It wasn’t long before she decided to apply her diverse set of skills to the creation of something new and exciting. This passionate undertaking resulted in Lime Crime, which started modestly in 2009 with the launch of the already classic Unicorn Lipsticks. Introducing for the first time a line of radical new colors, the company took the market by storm, becoming an overnight sensation among a youthful public in dire need of something different. Soon followed the first Velvetines, a sounding success that consolidated the company as one of the most important new figures in the world of make-up.

Perhaps the defining aspect of Doe Deere’s success has been her willingness to transform her unique vision in reality despite of all the difficulties, even if it often meant swimming against the tide. Always attracted to bright and unique colors, she started creating her own make-up for herself. At the time, the make-up industry was all about natural colors such as beige or pale pink, making it almost impossible for Doe to find products that would go with her bright style of clothing and hair. Soon, she realized there were plenty of girls that shared her love of color, opening the door for Lime Crime to fill that gap in the market. According to Doe herself, what ultimately pushed her over to success was the fact that she followed her heart, tuning into what makes her tic, and transforming that passion into a one-of-a-kind product. After all, make-up is all about expressing one’s true self.

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Seattle Genetics: Reaching a Great Milestone for Expanding

It was recently reported that Seattle Genetics is in the midst of receiving their largest financing round. It was in the midst of increasing it’s $480 million public stock offering to $552 million.

Seattle Genetics is planning to use the proceeds in more than just their drug development and the expansion of the cancer drug, Adcedtris. They are planning on continually growing their company with more staff and infrastructure. Their CEO, Clay Siegall, said that he expect his company will hire approximately 100 people each year for five years which will amount to 1300 personnel by 2020. Seattle Genetics is also looking at other spaces to lease around their vicinity at the Canyon Park area of Bothell. Their company’s current location is 21823 30th Dr. SE.

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 by Siegall, and it’s one of the longest standing biotech companies within the region. It’s not profitable yet, but Siegall said that they are not concern with lack of profitability. He further said that they could be profitable now if that was their short term goal. At this point, he says, putting profitability as the highest priority today would be counterproductive because they are continually building. Another thing they are doing in the building process is the expansion of the Adcedtris usages that go even beyond cancer, and they are working on the advancement of their other drugs. Besides, it’s normal for biotech companies to produce a profit later on.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, president, and the Board’s Chairman of Seattle Genetics. He received a BS degree in Zoology at the University of Maryland, and he received his doctorate in Genetics at the George Washington University. With his scientific training and expertise, he has contributed greatly in his career at various organizations: Being a director of the Board of Directors for Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. from 2006 to now, a director of the Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. from 2013 to now, and a director of the Board of Directors for Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical from 2014 to now.

Siegall puts an emphasis on cancer therapies that are targeted. He built his company on the foundation of rigorous research, drug development practices, scientific innovation, and passion in helping patients. And so far, his company has developed antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer treatment.

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The Brexit Gold Coin Surge Affects Other Countries


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The Future


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Retracing the Path to Fame of Norka Martinez Lugue

Norka Martinez Luque has always been passionate about music. She got introduced to the music at a very tender age. According to the records, this lady used to fall asleep listening to the greatest Latino musicians of all time. By the time she enrolled in preschool, Norka was already attending music, dancing, and voice practice lessons. At the age of eight years, Norka recorded and released her first ever complete music production. It featured the songs by Shakira and by Luis Miguel.

A Combination of Pure Talent, Hard work and Sheer Luck

The Venezuelan-sweet-heart later headed to France. Here, she undertook numerous degrees. First, she did her MBA, then ventured into the Culinary Arts. Much later, she pursued another degree in Marketing and Fashion. In her bid to break the monotony of schools and books, Ms. Martinez joined a band. The practice sessions also served to keep her skills sharp and refined.

Her professional break came about in late 2008. Her talent and skill captured the attention of the renowned music producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. This chance encounter changed her life forever; for the better. Mr. Estefan quickly assembled a professional crew and, soon work was already in progress.

Norka; In the Footsteps of Latina Superstars Like Shakira and Luis Miguel

Working with Estefan, it did not take long before her debut hit track was completed. Her first solo track was titled Milagro. The record went ahead to dominate the U.S billboards and charts. It has also dominated the airwaves in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. The song infuses several genres notably reggae, and Caribbean sounds with a taste of Mediterranean blends. The message in the song is also positive, inspirational and uplifting.

Epic Performance at the Billboard Bash Event

After a couple of years, Norka finally released her first-ever English track. It is titled, ‘As You Do It.’ This song has made quite an extraordinary impact on the music world. It has taken her career to the first-lane, for sure. It continues to win awards and accolades all over the world. The Venezuelan was actually nominated for the best pop female artist in the prestigious Premios Lo Nuestro 2011 Awards. Previous recipients of the same award include Gloria Trevi, Shakira and Natalia Jimenez. Her video for the second big single titled, ‘Miracle’ is already out in stores. Ms.Martinez was one of the featured performers at the Billboard Bash event.