Doe Deere is the living embodiment of the notion that, in order to become successful, you don’t always have to follow the most conventional path. Born in Russia, she moved to the United States in order to follow her dreams of becoming a musician. However, she ended up becoming the founder, CEO and owner of a cosmetics company that’s already taking the fashion world by storm. Armed with a unique vision and an incredible amount of willpower, Doe managed to combine a variety of apparently incompatible talents in order to create Lime Crime, a revolutionary make-up that goes against the grain in exciting new ways. Learn more:

An entrepreneur from the get go, Doe started her first business in Russia by selling temporary tattoos to friends at the very young age of 14. Without even realizing it, she created her very first marketing campaign by wearing the tattoos herself in order to make them look cool to other kids. In a way, those temporary tattoos represented her first step not only in fashion, but in color as well.

Later in her life, Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, looking to polish her already blooming talents in fashion design. However, what really shaped up her unique vision was being in a band, which not only gave her a special insight of what makes trends exciting, but also allowed her to meet her future husband Mark, who is the current president of Lime Crime.

During those early years, Doe became very invested in designing and sewing her own collection, which consisted of boldly colorful pieces that really caught the eye. At the time, the fashion industry was heavily focused on understated and natural looks. This made brightly colored, fun make up really hard to come by. Looking to produce head-to-toe looks for her models, Doe started creating her own make up out of necessity, but not without inspiration. In 2008, she officially launched Lime Crime, instantly becoming a favorite of thousand of young girls who had the same kind of desperate need for color.

Today, having launched several successful lines of make-up, with a few instant-classics such as the Unicorns among them, Doe Deere is considered one of the most promising new talents in the world of make-up. According to herself, the secret was to always follow her dreams, tapping into what made her unique instead of keeping it hidden.

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