John Goullet And Keeping Up With The Trends In IT Staffing

John Goullet is the Executive Principal at Diversant LLC, one of the largest minority-owned business enterprises in the US, and the largest African American-owned IT staffing firms in the industry. Goullet told Ideamensch, a blog of independent business ideas that the IT industry has a lot of demand but a low number of graduates with the qualifications, and as Executive Principal of his company he’s looked to close that gap through supporting educational endeavors and pairing up clients with job seekers. He’s well versed in marketing trends and business developments, and has helped Diversant, LCC grow its office locations over the years.

Goullet began his career as an IT consultant doing the same things that many of Diversant’s job candidates do today. He’s from New York and got his bachelor’s degree at Ursinus College and did consulting throughout the 1980s for companies such as Computer Sciences Corporation, 3D Information Services, The Constell Group and other technology firms. As he progressed in his career, he began to feel he could do more to meet the demands of these companies and felt he needed to encourage more young people to enter the IT field. So in 1994 he founded his own IT staffing firm, Info Technologies.

He basically started Info Technologies without a whole lot of investor capital, but he was an effective marketer and through persistence was able to build up quite a large clientele. In just 5 years, Info Technologies became worth $30 million and it has been featured twice in Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing fortune 500 companies. Goullet decided he wanted to encourage young people from the inner cities and minority communities to join the IT field, and he found a man who had a similar vision in Gene Waddy, and in 2010 they combined their IT staffing companies to form Diversant, LLC. Diversant has donated to foundations that support future generations in the workforce, including the Marion P. Thomas charter school in New York.


Reviewing The Role Of Clay Siegall In Cancer Research

Research is the pillar of the many discoveries people enjoy today and there is massive effort to get better ways of dealing with the problems people across the world face. Cancer is one of the problems that human beings have to work against and it is only through research and new methods of treatment that one can get solutions to the menace. Finding new solutions takes the effort of professionals in different capacities, who draft measures to alleviate the complex issues that have been surrounding the disease.


One of the research institutes that have made strides in this area is Seattle Genetics, an established biotechnology company that has been in the industry since 1998. Founded and led by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has made effort to ensure that the research that is conducted towards curing cancer bears fruits.


Success in cancer research

The company has worked with many professionals over the years to bring to light the development of ADCETRIS, a drug that has proved to be effective in the treatment of cancer across more than 60 countries. Its approval across many countries and getting the support of professionals in high offices has allowed the company to advance its methods of coming up with new treatment for ailments.


Clay Siegall has been able to engage many experts in the industry, who also approved the drug and cited it as an effective solution that allows the treatment of cancer without necessarily using methods that require radiation. This is not the only success Clay Siegall has achieved in his career. There are several drug pipelines his company Seattle Genetics launched, all directed to solving the cancer menace and bringing to rest the problem that has been eating the lives of millions.


With the support he also received from companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Clay Siegall has managed to venture deeper into getting solutions that help in the development of better alternatives to traditional methods of dealing with complex diseases. He is a leader in the industry and he shares his knowledge through journals and articles addressing the pressing issues that have been barring the progress of the healthcare sector across the world.


Igor Cornelsen Shares: “Make BRICS Great”

Nations rise and fall – wealthy people timed their investments right before a country started to experience tremendous growth. Should you invest in a nation that talks about “Making Itself Great Again” or should you invest in the future? Wealth advisor Igor Cornelsen shares why the best profits might be on the “BRICS Becoming Great.”

“Multi-Polar World”

Empires tend to assert their dominance based on their own key economic advantages. The Spanish had gold. The British had a powerful navy on The United States has many advantages, but is now promoting a “One Superpower” vision. The problem is that the world is much more complex.

Even “Forbes” has to admit that in 2016, the United States economy is “falling” while China is rising. Some say that 1900 to 2000 was the American century. But that is over, isn’t it?

We live in a multi-polar world with different languages, cultures and economic strengths on Lulu. The future might be more favorable to a multi-polar organization, such as the BRICS.

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“Why Are BRICS Great?”

People around the world, love the American concept of Democracy. The nation also supports Federalism, where local cities and states have their own power. This creates a balance of power. Those who are closest to the action can make the decisions needed for success.

The BRICs replicate this concept of “local rule.” It is a key complaint of colonized nations – that the imperial center did not listen to the complaints of the ruled. China understands this “all to well.”

Brazil is the “B” in BRICs. With the BRICs organization, it can maintain its local language, culture and protective tariffs, while also competing on the world scene. Already, China has replaced the United States as Brazil’s #1 trading partner. Is this a sign of things to come?

“Rising Brazil Economy”

A “rising tide lifts all ships” and when you hire wealth adviser Igor Cornelsen to find good Brazil investments, you can earn healthy profits. The US is powerful, but the BRICS might be the future. The Soviet Union is no longer. Mr. Igor Cornelsen knows how to profit from the BRICS.

Investment Banking Services and Martin Lustgarten Financial Advice for 2017

Investment banking is a diverse and highly integrated banking system. According to the system comprises investment banking or corporate financing division, asset management and sales and trading service division. The main investment banking services include Mergers and Acquisition, Restructuring, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets and Leveraged Finance. Mergers and acquisition entail several service provisions, including advising on the mergers, sale and purchase of a company as well as performing business valuation, structuring transaction and pricing.

The advice targeted at raising and structuring debt to finance company activities falls under debt capital market services. Equity capital markets, on the other hand covers advising targeted at equity and equity derived products such as IPOs, secondary offerings and capital sourcing. Leveraged finance includes specialized services like the issuance of high yield debts to firms seeking to finance various corporate activities such as acquisition. Restructuring involves improving company structures with the aim of making them profitable or more efficient. Some of the largest investment banking groups in the US include; Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Credit Suisse.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a renowned investment banker and expert with roots from Austria and Venezuela. According to 59 years old investment expert is the CEO of the Miami, Florida based Lustgarten Martin Investment banking firm. Outside his core professional domains, Martin is an avid collector of beautiful vintage items such as watches and other luxury products. He is also very active on the social media where he usually provides pertinent financial advice to prospective investors, seasoned investors and newlyweds. One of his latest postings on offers advice to people on how to make sound financial decisions in 2017. He advises the following:

  • Making adjustments on the tax withholdings by claiming more allowances on W4
  • Analyzing your tax records in order to purge old tax files
  • Replenish your emergency kitty to save your retirement savings
  • Reviewing the beneficiaries of your estate when changes arise
  • Boosting your homeowners insurance deductibles to avoid unnecessary charges
  • Improving your credit profile
  • Rebalancing your portfolio annually, if you record poor performance


How to Become a Model in Print or Press

Becoming a fashion model is the dream of many. However, not many people suit the profile to become models. The most prevalent way of becoming a model is to be discovered by a modeling scout whom fashion houses have all over the globe. If you have the looks, the body, and all the attributes, you will get noticed sooner or later. Not everyone is that lucky. One has to be very careful in ascertaining the authenticity of the scout and modeling agency.

You can decide to be proactive and send your pictures to a modeling agency. Most of the top agencies have websites, and you can find their contact information on there. You can send a few simple but elegant pictures of yourself, and if you get a positive response, you can start developing your portfolio. You may also put a website with well-taken pictures of you, and you may get discovered online. If the modeling agency contacts you and is interested in acquiring your services, you are on your way.

A print or press model does not necessarily mean a fashion model. It means your photos will be published in the endorsement of a particular product. You may have to move to the city where the agency headquarters are located, but a model’s life is a life of travel. Though difficult at first, once you get your first contract agreeing to model for a certain product e.g. hair product, you will be a print model.

Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Agency was formed in October of 2015 when Wilhelmina Austin bought Heyman Talent-South. The two companies merged to form a full-service agency to become one of the biggest agencies in Texas. The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin and has models that work for some of the largest corporate brands in the world. Such brands include Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal. The combination of the two companies has allowed models with developed portfolios be able to gain a lot of exposure with much larger firms. The Brown Agency is now able to acquire talent on a much greater scale.

Models of Brown Modelling Agency now grace some of the best runways in the business including Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week to name a few. The transformation of latent to fully fledged professional models is a massive undertaking that the agency has taken on with much success.

Brown Modelling Agency is the forerunner in acquiring modeling talent in the state of Texas. They have experienced staff that knows the industry very well. They have extremely high standards since they know how competitive the market is. Brown is a company set to make big waves in the modeling industry’s future. For more info, visit the Brown Agency’s social media pages on CrunchBase or Twitter.


Martin Lustgarten Has A Way With Business Deals

One of the most interesting types of banking in the banking industry is investment banking. There are many reasons why investment banking is interesting. One of the main reasons why is the structure that makes up investment banking. The structure of investment banking contains three different banking service parts. Each part has a particular purpose in the operations of an investment bank. In addition, each part contains a set of banking services that relate to the specific purpose of the banking service part.

However, every investment bank has the freedom to determine what banking services it will offer. As a result, the three parts that makeup the structure of an investment bank are not required in total. An investment bank can decide the part or parts of the investment banking service structure that it wants to offer to its clients.

Typically, smaller investment banks have limited financial and human resources, so smaller investment banks usually provide only one of the three available parts. Larger investment banks have more financial and human resources, so larger investment banks tend to offer more than one of the three available banking service parts to its clients.

Probably one of the most talked about and well known aspects of the investment bank is the investment banker. The role of the investment banker is layered. The investment banker is responsible for numerous tasks in an investment bank. The tasks cover a wide range of tasks that include handling aspects of banking operations such as acquiring new clients, managing client accounts, securing funds for business deals, handling mergers, and handling acquisitions.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been able to handle all the various tasks expected of an investment banker. He has the rare ability to effectively handle multiple tasks at the same time. Martin Lustgarten has demonstrated the ability to successfully handle client accounts.

With many years of experience in the banking industry, Martin Lustgarten has been able to go out on his own and start the investment banking firm Lustgarten Martin. As the founder of the firm, he has been able to show that he has the drive, skill, expertise, and determination to run a successful investment banking firm.


Mike Baur Moves From The Private Banking Sector To Starting His Own Company

One of the biggest changes in the business world over the past few decades has been the move towards a digital environment. Today, the business world is in actuality a digital world. Many things that are done today regarding business are handled in a digital manner. One of the biggest aspects of this digital world is the internet. Technology innovations have continued to be introduced at a rapid rate, but the internet has been at the center of the major changes made in the business world over the past few decades.


While technology innovations have occurred in many areas, the internet has been a central source for the use of many technology innovations either directly or indirectly. The internet as a central hub of technology use has made the internet an almost life like digital world where people go on a regular basis. Millions of people use the internet on a daily basis both for personal and professional reasons.


As more and more uses of the internet have evolved over the years, the business world has made the internet a primary resource to communicate with customers, potential customers, and companies. The technology innovations concerning the internet are evident through the noticeable changes made regarding the websites used by companies. The websites utilized by companies today are significantly better in every way compared to websites used by companies a decade ago.


Understanding the possibilities of the digital world is a huge part of many business owners’ goals regarding future business endeavors. One of the business professionals who is helping people achieve their digital business dreams is Mike Baur. As one of the partners who started the company the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is a vital part of the services provided by the Swiss Startup Factory, which provides services for people who want to start digital companies. The Swiss Startup Factory offers a three month program designed to help mentor and coach digital entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur brings over 20 years of business experience to the Swiss Startup Factory. As a private banking executive, Mike Baur moved up the ladder in the industry to reach a high level of responsibility. He uses the knowledge acquired through his years of working in the banking industry to help him make the Swiss Startup Factory one of the best privately owned companies in Switzerland.