How to Become a Model in Print or Press

Becoming a fashion model is the dream of many. However, not many people suit the profile to become models. The most prevalent way of becoming a model is to be discovered by a modeling scout whom fashion houses have all over the globe. If you have the looks, the body, and all the attributes, you will get noticed sooner or later. Not everyone is that lucky. One has to be very careful in ascertaining the authenticity of the scout and modeling agency.

You can decide to be proactive and send your pictures to a modeling agency. Most of the top agencies have websites, and you can find their contact information on there. You can send a few simple but elegant pictures of yourself, and if you get a positive response, you can start developing your portfolio. You may also put a website with well-taken pictures of you, and you may get discovered online. If the modeling agency contacts you and is interested in acquiring your services, you are on your way.

A print or press model does not necessarily mean a fashion model. It means your photos will be published in the endorsement of a particular product. You may have to move to the city where the agency headquarters are located, but a model’s life is a life of travel. Though difficult at first, once you get your first contract agreeing to model for a certain product e.g. hair product, you will be a print model.

Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Agency was formed in October of 2015 when Wilhelmina Austin bought Heyman Talent-South. The two companies merged to form a full-service agency to become one of the biggest agencies in Texas. The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin and has models that work for some of the largest corporate brands in the world. Such brands include Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal. The combination of the two companies has allowed models with developed portfolios be able to gain a lot of exposure with much larger firms. The Brown Agency is now able to acquire talent on a much greater scale.

Models of Brown Modelling Agency now grace some of the best runways in the business including Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week to name a few. The transformation of latent to fully fledged professional models is a massive undertaking that the agency has taken on with much success.

Brown Modelling Agency is the forerunner in acquiring modeling talent in the state of Texas. They have experienced staff that knows the industry very well. They have extremely high standards since they know how competitive the market is. Brown is a company set to make big waves in the modeling industry’s future. For more info, visit the Brown Agency’s social media pages on CrunchBase or Twitter.


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