Investment banking is a diverse and highly integrated banking system. According to the system comprises investment banking or corporate financing division, asset management and sales and trading service division. The main investment banking services include Mergers and Acquisition, Restructuring, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets and Leveraged Finance. Mergers and acquisition entail several service provisions, including advising on the mergers, sale and purchase of a company as well as performing business valuation, structuring transaction and pricing.

The advice targeted at raising and structuring debt to finance company activities falls under debt capital market services. Equity capital markets, on the other hand covers advising targeted at equity and equity derived products such as IPOs, secondary offerings and capital sourcing. Leveraged finance includes specialized services like the issuance of high yield debts to firms seeking to finance various corporate activities such as acquisition. Restructuring involves improving company structures with the aim of making them profitable or more efficient. Some of the largest investment banking groups in the US include; Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Credit Suisse.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a renowned investment banker and expert with roots from Austria and Venezuela. According to 59 years old investment expert is the CEO of the Miami, Florida based Lustgarten Martin Investment banking firm. Outside his core professional domains, Martin is an avid collector of beautiful vintage items such as watches and other luxury products. He is also very active on the social media where he usually provides pertinent financial advice to prospective investors, seasoned investors and newlyweds. One of his latest postings on offers advice to people on how to make sound financial decisions in 2017. He advises the following:

  • Making adjustments on the tax withholdings by claiming more allowances on W4
  • Analyzing your tax records in order to purge old tax files
  • Replenish your emergency kitty to save your retirement savings
  • Reviewing the beneficiaries of your estate when changes arise
  • Boosting your homeowners insurance deductibles to avoid unnecessary charges
  • Improving your credit profile
  • Rebalancing your portfolio annually, if you record poor performance

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