Nations rise and fall – wealthy people timed their investments right before a country started to experience tremendous growth. Should you invest in a nation that talks about “Making Itself Great Again” or should you invest in the future? Wealth advisor Igor Cornelsen shares why the best profits might be on the “BRICS Becoming Great.”

“Multi-Polar World”

Empires tend to assert their dominance based on their own key economic advantages. The Spanish had gold. The British had a powerful navy on The United States has many advantages, but is now promoting a “One Superpower” vision. The problem is that the world is much more complex.

Even “Forbes” has to admit that in 2016, the United States economy is “falling” while China is rising. Some say that 1900 to 2000 was the American century. But that is over, isn’t it?

We live in a multi-polar world with different languages, cultures and economic strengths on Lulu. The future might be more favorable to a multi-polar organization, such as the BRICS.

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“Why Are BRICS Great?”

People around the world, love the American concept of Democracy. The nation also supports Federalism, where local cities and states have their own power. This creates a balance of power. Those who are closest to the action can make the decisions needed for success.

The BRICs replicate this concept of “local rule.” It is a key complaint of colonized nations – that the imperial center did not listen to the complaints of the ruled. China understands this “all to well.”

Brazil is the “B” in BRICs. With the BRICs organization, it can maintain its local language, culture and protective tariffs, while also competing on the world scene. Already, China has replaced the United States as Brazil’s #1 trading partner. Is this a sign of things to come?

“Rising Brazil Economy”

A “rising tide lifts all ships” and when you hire wealth adviser Igor Cornelsen to find good Brazil investments, you can earn healthy profits. The US is powerful, but the BRICS might be the future. The Soviet Union is no longer. Mr. Igor Cornelsen knows how to profit from the BRICS.

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