Research is the pillar of the many discoveries people enjoy today and there is massive effort to get better ways of dealing with the problems people across the world face. Cancer is one of the problems that human beings have to work against and it is only through research and new methods of treatment that one can get solutions to the menace. Finding new solutions takes the effort of professionals in different capacities, who draft measures to alleviate the complex issues that have been surrounding the disease.


One of the research institutes that have made strides in this area is Seattle Genetics, an established biotechnology company that has been in the industry since 1998. Founded and led by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has made effort to ensure that the research that is conducted towards curing cancer bears fruits.


Success in cancer research

The company has worked with many professionals over the years to bring to light the development of ADCETRIS, a drug that has proved to be effective in the treatment of cancer across more than 60 countries. Its approval across many countries and getting the support of professionals in high offices has allowed the company to advance its methods of coming up with new treatment for ailments.


Clay Siegall has been able to engage many experts in the industry, who also approved the drug and cited it as an effective solution that allows the treatment of cancer without necessarily using methods that require radiation. This is not the only success Clay Siegall has achieved in his career. There are several drug pipelines his company Seattle Genetics launched, all directed to solving the cancer menace and bringing to rest the problem that has been eating the lives of millions.


With the support he also received from companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Clay Siegall has managed to venture deeper into getting solutions that help in the development of better alternatives to traditional methods of dealing with complex diseases. He is a leader in the industry and he shares his knowledge through journals and articles addressing the pressing issues that have been barring the progress of the healthcare sector across the world.


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