New World Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks

As an entrepreneur, often the role models that we aspire to did really incredibly cold things to become who they are, but that is only the movie star version of what entrepreneurship is really. Small businesses account for more contributions to the tax base than any other group in America.

This means that entrepreneurs exist in all forms, and success is varied and assessed in vastly different ways. I thought that entrepreneurs were the glossy version, and I only sought those types out to inform and mentor me throughout my rise. Of course, these people only reinforced stereotypes.

I also found that many of these people had haphazardly made their fortunes, and they lost as much as they won. Because of this, this group of people was always changing, and so were their literal and figurative fortunes.

They chalked this tremendous ratio between people who lost their wealth and those that had retained their wealth to the way things simply were. They had a built-in belief that people simply made the wrong bet and lost vast fortunes when the real case was that their vast personalities had engineered these downfalls.

Because of this revelation, I started to seek out entrepreneurs that had other priorities besides conspicuous consumption. These people had social priorities that would better the world in which we live, and true to form, these responsible entrepreneurs retained their wealth almost completely as a group.

Their responsibility obviously permeated every part of their lives. I gained some real insight from this, and if I was not this naturally responsible, I could at least mimic their styles in order to gain the perspective that would make me an entrepreneur in the same mold as these people.

One of the responsible entrepreneurs that I mimic is Marc Sparks. Sparks is based in Dallas and mentors budding entrepreneurs, and specifically those with start up companies. It is at this phase that Sparks feels he can engage people with the most effect.

This information is invaluable as is an entrepreneur of Marc Sparks stature making themselves available for anyone and especially people who have not yet made their fortunes. I follow all of his ideals, and they are sound.

I have no problem telling budding entrepreneurs to study the way entrepreneurs like Sparks do things, but more importantly, to understand why he does things in the manner in which he does.

Jim Hunt, An Entrepreneur For The Little Guy

On October 6, 2016, “” interviewed financial advisor and CEO of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt. But first, here is a snippet of what he does and who he is in finance.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications made his mark in the stock market. His uncanny ability to spot market trends and to predict activity within the stock market has made him a much sought out individual for the average investor in the UK. Currently, Jim Hunt offers advise and investment tips through his company VTA Publications.

In the beginning, he freely shared information to the average investor through his YouTube account. He felt it was a way that the small guy could take charge of his own financial destiny and beat the banks at their own game. But he soon began to realize that the small guy was interested in his knowledge and advise, and thus, the company was born.

The entrepreneur spirit is evident with the way in which he brings his ideas to life. He first keeps abreast of what his customers want, and then tries to find a solution on It requires a lot of reading, research and then coming with an idea that works. Does all his ideas come to life? No, sometimes he just has to scrap an idea and move on.

Hunt describes one habit that makes him productive, discipline. He set goals on a daily basis, and by the end of the day, those goals must be accomplished on Moreover, he deems it absolutely necessary to listen to people complain and to have an insight into human psychology. In his opinion, this is the best way to sell products and solve problems.

VTA Publications is a publisher of long distance learning courses, specializing in the areas of economics and finance. They also offer seminars and events.

Some of his products include:

* Wealth Wave- A strategy to identify bear markets and make profits
* How to Trade Stocks Using Charts
* Little-Known Options Trading Strategies
* Make Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades – A ten step system of making mum a millionaire. He will give proof along the way on YouTube. His first step was completed and shown on YouTube on July 31,2016.


The Synthesis of Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch talks about the future of fashion and technology in an article published on Chris Burch is a fashion enthusiast. He states that fashion and technology have been able to grow together and that their journey is fascinating. He adds that the two depend on each other so as to gain popularity. Chris says that there are a lot of opportunities that fashion and technology have to offer. He states that fashion designers have incorporated technology into their designs and come up with amazing products. Chris Burch talks of Anouk Wipprecht who is a Dutch fashion designer. He states that this designer marries fashion and technology to create amazing designs.


Anouk Wipprecht has a reputation for her avant-garde designs, and she has designed the Pseudomorphs and the DareDroid. Chris adds that Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt came up with a system known as the Airbag for Cyclists. This offers protection for cyclist and ensures that their head is protected in case of an impact. He also talks of the frontline gloves which were designed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan for firefighters. The frontline gloves enable firefighters to communicate to each other via simple hand gestures. Chris says that all this has been made possible through the combination of fashion and technology.

Chris Burch says that designers are now recycling materials to create fabulous fashions. SegraSegra was able to create t-shirts and jackets by recycling bicycles inner tubes. Emma Whiteside also used recycled radiator copper to create a big gown. Chris states that technology and fashion can generate energy when used together. Newly made clothing captures the kinetic energy produced by the movement to power things like a mp3 and a watch. Chris says that Soledad Martin is in progress to create a prototype for shoes that will allow individuals to charge a cell phone while running or walking. Chris says that there are times that technology requires help to acquire popularity from fashion.


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who serves as the Principal of Burch Creative Capital. Chris has various business backgrounds in many different industries which include technology, real estate, and fashion. Chris Burch attended the Itchica College for an undergraduate degree. Chris and his brother launched a company known as Eagles Eye Apparel which they grew to 165 million US Dollars before they decided to sell it. Chris believes that there is a tremendous potential in the technology and fashion industries.

Zane Lighthouse Announces The Introduction Of New App

At the end of 2016, an announcement was made by Zane Lighthouse in reference to an upcoming launch. The company released some teaser information about their new Local Business Review service to be launched in 2017.

Rumors about this service provided by Zane Lighthouse have already been circulating among the marketing world. As the date in which the service goes live approaches, the company has released a few items of note that can be expected from the new Local Business Review service.

One of the items announced by Zane Lighthouse is that there will be a big improvement in positive, 5-star reviews on Google and social media. The company plans on making this happen by giving owners of businesses access to an app that allows them the ability to text customers and request their feedback for the product or service the customer is requesting.

Zane Lighthouse will also be giving their clients unlimited 45-day trial accounts beginning the day that their new services go live. No credit card will be required at sign-up and the company is giving these trial accounts away with the hope that it will raise more awareness about their app and help encourage their users to spread the word about Zane Lighthouse.

This new Local Business Review service has taken Zane Lighthouse six months to create this service, from start to finish. Owner of Zane Lighthouse, Nelson Montanez created this new service because he believes that the quickest way for a business to reach its customers is by texting them while they are in their presence. He claims that 98 percent of texts are opened immediately, while only 20 percent of the time emails are opened immediately. Over 45 percent of people respond to the texts they receive, while only about 6 percent of people respond to emails.

Zane Lighthouse is one of the best Orlando SEO agencies, says They are the highest-rated SEO company in the city and they have the expertise and drive to help companies stay on page one of Google. They provide new clients with free consultations and is there every step of the way, improving their clients’ online reputations.


Why Corporations Depend on Talented Executive Recruiters Like Julie Zuckerberg To Keep Their Companies Running

Everyone knows that the most vital leadership role upon which the success of any company, particularly a large corporation hinges upon is the role of the Chief Executive Officer who is often the primary decision-maker whose judgement and directives guide the direction of an entire company. The other executives who hold the most senior positions in their respective departments or divisions like marketing, sales, operations or technology are largely responsible for reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. This position is often difficult to fill. When Chief Executive Officers are new to their jobs they can often find themselves walking into a situation where the question of whether or not their style of leadership is the right fit for a company whose organizational culture and employees were established and cultivated by someone else. Arguably this is part of what can make the executive recruitment process such a long one. The question of fit is always important when a new hire is being considered but that question becomes exponentially more important when a firm is on the lookout for a new leader. Even though it is difficult to fill a Chief Executive Officer opening or any senior role for that matter, when companies partner with a skilled executive recruiter or choose to hire an executive recruiter to work with them internally they are more likely than not to be successful in their search for a new leader for their organization.


According to it is very important for an executive recruiter to have a deep and nuanced understanding of how the field that they are recruiting for works. They advise that recruiters should develop some knowledgeability about the kind of work that the candidates that they recruit do even if they happen to be lay people themselves. The executive recruitment site noted that recruiters should become ingratiated in the industries they are helping to staff by attending professional events that cater to those professionals and read the sorts of publications that are geared toward people that work in the field. The outcome of all of this is that the recruiter will develop a wealth of knowledge that they can apply to selecting the candidates that are the best fit for their company or their client.


No one knows this better than Julie Zuckerberg. Julie is an executive recruiter who has worked in the recruitment field for at least 15 years. As she built her career she spent much of it working in recruitment for companies that operated in the worlds of finance and insurance. She has worked with New York Life Insurance Company as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead. In that capacity her work involved managing the relationships that were necessary to facilitate the process of helping to fill all of the company’s job openings that were targeting more experienced candidates. She has also worked to help organizations like Citi, a financial services institution, staff the openings that they have had in their audit, legal and compliance departments. Julie helped to oversee the hiring process from beginning to end and went to become a Vice President within the company.


WEN by CHAZ | Selecting the Right Hair Conditioner Based on Hair Type

After washing your hair with a shampoo, you need to follow with a conditioner to reduce the harsh impacts of shampoo. Therefore, regardless of your hair status, everyone can benefit from using a conditioner. However, in order to gain maximum benefits, one must understand how to choose a conditioner base on their hair type. Here is a criterion that can guide you in selecting a conditioner.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, consider using conditioners that are high in protein. Also, check for ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil which moisturize your hair and add to elasticity of your curls. This is important because, in curly hair, natural oils from the scalp can barely go a few inches.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair you want to use a conditioner that will add volume to you hair. However, be extra careful not to get a conditioner that will weigh your hair down. Select conditioners that contain caffeine, amino acids and biotin. These ingredients have the ability to add volume to your hair without adding extra weight.

Normal Hair

You are lucky to have normal hair, but this doesn’t mean that it will not require maintenance. You need to ensure that your hair is vibrant and supple at all times. To achieve this, select a conditioner that will enhance your hair shine while add a moisturizing benefit. Some of the best ingredients for normal hair include wheat proteins, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

If you are searching for a hair conditioner by brand type, go for Wen at all times. These brand has some of the best conditioners for almost every hair type. Their cleansing conditioner is especially beneficial as it saves you from buying five other hair care products, including shampoo and stling conditioner, among others.

More product information available on Follow Wen on Twitter to get your daily dose of proper hair care tips!

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