Everyone knows that the most vital leadership role upon which the success of any company, particularly a large corporation hinges upon is the role of the Chief Executive Officer who is often the primary decision-maker whose judgement and directives guide the direction of an entire company. The other executives who hold the most senior positions in their respective departments or divisions like marketing, sales, operations or technology are largely responsible for reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. This position is often difficult to fill. When Chief Executive Officers are new to their jobs they can often find themselves walking into a situation where the question of whether or not their style of leadership is the right fit for a company whose organizational culture and employees were established and cultivated by someone else. Arguably this is part of what can make the executive recruitment process such a long one. The question of fit is always important when a new hire is being considered but that question becomes exponentially more important when a firm is on the lookout for a new leader. Even though it is difficult to fill a Chief Executive Officer opening or any senior role for that matter, when companies partner with a skilled executive recruiter or choose to hire an executive recruiter to work with them internally they are more likely than not to be successful in their search for a new leader for their organization.


According to Recruiter.com it is very important for an executive recruiter to have a deep and nuanced understanding of how the field that they are recruiting for works. They advise that recruiters should develop some knowledgeability about the kind of work that the candidates that they recruit do even if they happen to be lay people themselves. The executive recruitment site noted that recruiters should become ingratiated in the industries they are helping to staff by attending professional events that cater to those professionals and read the sorts of publications that are geared toward people that work in the field. The outcome of all of this is that the recruiter will develop a wealth of knowledge that they can apply to selecting the candidates that are the best fit for their company or their client.


No one knows this better than Julie Zuckerberg. Julie is an executive recruiter who has worked in the recruitment field for at least 15 years. As she built her career she spent much of it working in recruitment for companies that operated in the worlds of finance and insurance. She has worked with New York Life Insurance Company as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead. In that capacity her work involved managing the relationships that were necessary to facilitate the process of helping to fill all of the company’s job openings that were targeting more experienced candidates. She has also worked to help organizations like Citi, a financial services institution, staff the openings that they have had in their audit, legal and compliance departments. Julie helped to oversee the hiring process from beginning to end and went to become a Vice President within the company.


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