At the end of 2016, an announcement was made by Zane Lighthouse in reference to an upcoming launch. The company released some teaser information about their new Local Business Review service to be launched in 2017.

Rumors about this service provided by Zane Lighthouse have already been circulating among the marketing world. As the date in which the service goes live approaches, the company has released a few items of note that can be expected from the new Local Business Review service.

One of the items announced by Zane Lighthouse is that there will be a big improvement in positive, 5-star reviews on Google and social media. The company plans on making this happen by giving owners of businesses access to an app that allows them the ability to text customers and request their feedback for the product or service the customer is requesting.

Zane Lighthouse will also be giving their clients unlimited 45-day trial accounts beginning the day that their new services go live. No credit card will be required at sign-up and the company is giving these trial accounts away with the hope that it will raise more awareness about their app and help encourage their users to spread the word about Zane Lighthouse.

This new Local Business Review service has taken Zane Lighthouse six months to create this service, from start to finish. Owner of Zane Lighthouse, Nelson Montanez created this new service because he believes that the quickest way for a business to reach its customers is by texting them while they are in their presence. He claims that 98 percent of texts are opened immediately, while only 20 percent of the time emails are opened immediately. Over 45 percent of people respond to the texts they receive, while only about 6 percent of people respond to emails.

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