On October 6, 2016, “ideamensch.com” interviewed financial advisor and CEO of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt. But first, here is a snippet of what he does and who he is in finance.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications made his mark in the stock market. His uncanny ability to spot market trends and to predict activity within the stock market has made him a much sought out individual for the average investor in the UK. Currently, Jim Hunt offers advise and investment tips through his company VTA Publications.

In the beginning, he freely shared information to the average investor through his YouTube account. He felt it was a way that the small guy could take charge of his own financial destiny and beat the banks at their own game. But he soon began to realize that the small guy was interested in his knowledge and advise, and thus, the company was born.

The entrepreneur spirit is evident with the way in which he brings his ideas to life. He first keeps abreast of what his customers want, and then tries to find a solution on vtapublications.co. It requires a lot of reading, research and then coming with an idea that works. Does all his ideas come to life? No, sometimes he just has to scrap an idea and move on.

Hunt describes one habit that makes him productive, discipline. He set goals on a daily basis, and by the end of the day, those goals must be accomplished on streetwisenews.com. Moreover, he deems it absolutely necessary to listen to people complain and to have an insight into human psychology. In his opinion, this is the best way to sell products and solve problems.

VTA Publications is a publisher of long distance learning courses, specializing in the areas of economics and finance. They also offer seminars and events.

Some of his products include:

* Wealth Wave- A strategy to identify bear markets and make profits
* How to Trade Stocks Using Charts
* Little-Known Options Trading Strategies
* Make Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades – A ten step system of making mum a millionaire. He will give proof along the way on YouTube. His first step was completed and shown on YouTube on July 31,2016.

Source: http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/latest-articles/

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