Dr. Jennifer Walden Receives Praise for Plastic Surgery Innovation

People that open up a magazine like Texas monthly, Texas MD or Health Magazine may very well see an article featuring Austin plastic surgery Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has become noted as one of the best surgeons in America, and she continues to provide a wealth of information to all that are in need of plastic surgery.


Dr. Walden is a member of the American Society for aesthetic plastic surgery. She has also become well-known as a authority on plastic surgery innovation. She has been recognized as one of the Texas super doctors in 2014. She has a long history of plastic surgery experience. She has become a general medical correspondent that has appeared on news and television shows.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been molded and shaped by her time in New York at New York University. She has reigned as one of the most successful plastic surgeons in Manhattan, and now she is building a presence in Austin that brings forth the same type of accolades. When she was working for the North Shore Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital Dr. Austin built a legacy as a professional in plastic surgery that was at the top of her profession.


Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas. She would also attend the University of Texas Medical branch and receive the highest honors with a medical doctorate degree from this university.


Over the years a lot of people have become very impressed with Dr. Walden because she has made a impact on clients from two different states. She has received a great number of positive reviews, and she has continued to be a intriguing part of the plastic surgery profession. Dr. Walden has become a very decorated physician that has received a lot of praise for utilizing the latest technology.


Jose Borghi Brings Exposure to Businesses

The best way for a business to succeed is through exposure. The only way one is going to get exposure for a business is to advertise it. It is actually a little more complex than one would think. For one thing, people not only want to see that a company exists but also want to see that it is a company that they want to shop at. This is often something that requires the help of an expert advertising company in order for it to work. Fortunately, there are many experts that have a lot of experience with advertising.


One of the experts is Jose Borghi, who owns Mullen Lowe. He not only has the experience, but also the desire to come up with a good advertising campaign that is going to attract people to the company. He can influence moods in the way he wants. Of course, the way he would want to influence the mood of the customer is the way that is most suited to the company itself. Also, the customer has to be in the mood to do business with the company in order for it to be successful. Jose Borghi knows how to bring forth a lot of different moods. It is all in the content of the advertising and more information click here.


The content of the advertising is one of the areas that Jose Borghi has mastered when it comes to his company, Mullen Lowe. He has put together his best work in order to show that he is going to be able to serve other customers. One good thing about his business is that the success of his customers is also his success. Therefore, he does everything he can to make sure that he comes up with some of the most compelling commercials for his clients and their companies.

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Thor Halvorssen, CEO and Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is a CEO of Oslo Freedom Forum and a human rights advocate. He describes himself as “the champion of the underdog and the powerless”. Through his New York based foundation, Human Rights Foundation, he and his team has worked tirelessly in the emancipation of political prisoners and the promotion of civil and political rights around the world.

Under Thor Halvorssen guidance the foundation has been able to do the following:

  • Gain the release of seven prisoners due to their political or religious views. One example of his work, his foundation team helped to advocate for the release of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner and Nobel Prize winner.
  • Provided evidence to Truth Commission. (A Truth Commission is a commission who goal is to determine any wrongdoing a government or in some cases, non-state players, in an effort to resolve conflict from the past.)
  • Presented amicus briefs in International human rights cases. An amicus brief is given by an individual that is not part of the case, nor solicited by the aggrieved party. The individual’s goal is to assist the court by providing information that is pertinent to the case before the court.

Thor Halvorssen founded Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. It’s purpose is to bring together human rights advocates around the world on a yearly basis, who share a vision of peace, prosperity and freedom around the world. At this annual convention, people of all walks of life meet to tell their stories and collaborate on ways to expand freedom and release human potential for the common good of humanity around the world.

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Halvorssen Hellum. He received concurrent undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and History from the University of Pennsylvania.



Brian Bonar Is A Highly Successful Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar is well-known in the world of finance. This is because he is The Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is its Chief Executive Officer too.

Brian Bonar has always had a passion for the entire designing process. He is able to pay attention to detail. This is something that can fuel his approach. Brian Bonar has rich experience in the site as well as building design. He has a passion for design development. He is involved in procurement, as well as contract administration.

He has a reputation of being a leader. He aims at helping his clients. In addition, he wants to help his team members along with project partners too in reaching their goals. He realizes that the goals of everyone are interlinked. Hence one cannot move ahead without the help and support of another.

Brian Bonar has an extensive portfolio that includes retail and commercial and aviation, along with family housing. He is involved in a number of education projects too. Brian Bonar has the requisite experience and skills that can make him an asset on any project. He is invaluable to teams as he plays a major part in establishing client relationships too.

In the field of finance, Brian Bonar was named as The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year. Do note that this is a big honor, as it is given to only two males and females from each discipline. The selection committee makes its choice based on the accomplishments and leadership abilities of the person. The academic achievements also play a role here.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has over thirty years of professional experience in the financial sector in senior management positions. In Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar is responsible for various employee as well as employer benefits along with aftermarket products. This is because Dalrada Financial Corporation in engaged in giving clients a unique variety of programs for employees that can help to increase their efficiency and hence impact business in a positive way.

These programs would include employee benefits, besides risk management insurance. Next are the business management services. In addition, Bonar is The Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. He also holds the position of President, Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Brian holds the post of The Chief Executive Officer. This is at Imaging Technologies Corporation. It is into developing of software dealing with color management. The company is also involved with hardware related to digital imaging. The target market for this company ranges from small businesses to the medium sized ones.

The acquisition of the Source One Group is something that Brian Bonar is quite excited about. This is an employer organization that aims towards helping small as well as medium-sized businesses with activities like payroll, assistance with human resource and so on.

The Numbers Tell Everything

According to their Facebook page, Evolution of Smooth is one of the 50 most popular brands among millennial women. It has produced millions of dollars and it can easily generate hundreds of thousands in sales. All of this has indicated that whatever the creators of EOS lip balm did right, it was certainly something that other brands should follow. The second most popular brand of lip balm in the country has been in the business for more than 10 years and is still going strong.

Why Young Women Want It

It’s pretty clear that young women like this brand. In fact, EOS lip balm was specifically designed to Target young women. Other lip balm brands assumed that lip balm was a product purchased by both genders in similar amounts. This simply isn’t what the research reveals according to Evolution of Smooth. Instead they argue that women are actually more likely to buy lip balm and have directed their sales towards women for this reason. Beyond the sale of lip balm Evolution of Smooth is now trying to sell other products to us as well.

What Evolution Of Smooth Is Cooking Up Next

There are now shaving creams and lotions from Evolution of Smooth. These products offer the same flavors that are so popular for the lip balm in a new format. it’s a great thing that the creators of Evolution of Smooth are expanding. If they can do for other products what they did for lip balm there is still hope for the brand.



The Best Wine from UKV PLC Wines

It’s safe to say that wine is beloved by everyone. Whether it’s white or red, almost everyone is known to drink a glass from time to time. While there are people who occasionally drink a glass of wine, there are people out there that simply adore it. These wine experts will go to great lengths to get the best bottle of wine out there.

They know the best markets for luxury wine and they will spend a significant amount of money to get the best wine or champagne. While there are companies that specialize in wine buying and selling, there is one company that goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide the best, luxury wine and champagne for their clients. This company has the best brands and if they don’t have it in stock, they will do whatever they can to get it. This company is UKV PLC Wines.

UKV PLC Wines is a very small team of wine consultants who work to get their clients the most luxurious wine and champagne on the market. The consulting company goes all over the world, finding the best bottles from the most prestigious wine brands. UKV PLC Wines works with each client individually to ensure they have the best buying experience. This wine company carries wine and champagne from Dom Perignon, Margaux, and Gruard-Larose – just to name a few.

If an individual is looking to move into the world of investment wines, United Kingdom Vintners has the experience to work with them. The company has recruits that will sell investment grade wine to the public. This is perfect for someone who is either looking to start their wine collection or a person who is looking to expand their collection. The purpose of buying investment grade wine is to one day have it worth a significant amount of money to hopefully sell it one day. People buy the most prestigious wine brands to keep in their collection. Many consider investment grade wine as a viable asset that will one day garner huge returns.

Equities First Holding Alternative Financial Solution

Equities First Holding is a financial firm that operates globally to give an alternative financial solution to businesses and high net-worth individuals. Equities First Holding’s headquarters is in Indianapolis and has offices in Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, London and Singapore.


Equities First Holding provides loan using publicly traded stocks as collateral; they value their loan according to how the shares are performing presently and how they will perform in the future. It enables clients to achieve their goals at a lower cost unlike when they use the traditional method. The conventional way of borrowing has become expensive, interest rates are going up, and qualifications for the loan have tightened; customers are forced to look for an alternative way of getting working capital; that has made EFH to be recognized more.


A client who needs a loan has to meet with EFH experts to evaluate the value of the stock, when an agreement is reached the customer signs the contract. The stock is transferred to the custodian as EFH transfers the money to the client. The customer is expected to pay the interest at an agreed rate and then pays off the principal amount, then is when EFH returns the shares. Borrowing with EFH is a bonus because the interest rate is constant no matter what goes on in the market and in case the client is unable to pay back the loan, Equities First will retain the stock as theirs, and the client does not even have to pay the principal amount.


The founder and CEO of EFH, Al Christy, said it is the most innovative way of lending to the businesses and high net-worth individuals. The company has experienced growth annually of about thirty percent since its doors were opened in 2002; in 2016, it had made more than six hundred and fifty transactions. EFH provides an easy and fast way to get a loan, and that makes them be the leading provider of alternative financing globally.