According to their Facebook page, Evolution of Smooth is one of the 50 most popular brands among millennial women. It has produced millions of dollars and it can easily generate hundreds of thousands in sales. All of this has indicated that whatever the creators of EOS lip balm did right, it was certainly something that other brands should follow. The second most popular brand of lip balm in the country has been in the business for more than 10 years and is still going strong.

Why Young Women Want It

It’s pretty clear that young women like this brand. In fact, EOS lip balm was specifically designed to Target young women. Other lip balm brands assumed that lip balm was a product purchased by both genders in similar amounts. This simply isn’t what the research reveals according to Evolution of Smooth. Instead they argue that women are actually more likely to buy lip balm and have directed their sales towards women for this reason. Beyond the sale of lip balm Evolution of Smooth is now trying to sell other products to us as well.

What Evolution Of Smooth Is Cooking Up Next

There are now shaving creams and lotions from Evolution of Smooth. These products offer the same flavors that are so popular for the lip balm in a new format. it’s a great thing that the creators of Evolution of Smooth are expanding. If they can do for other products what they did for lip balm there is still hope for the brand.


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