The Political Action Committee End Citizen United have made it their goal to undo the decision made by the Supreme Court “Citizens United” that grants bigger organizations a lot of influence over the political elections. The group came together in August 2015. They have gained more than 4 000 supporting followers over the years. To fund their political agenda to re-equalize the political power between organizations and everyday citizens, they have raised over $27 million.



To help them achieve their goal, the group has publically announced their support of 11 Democratic candidates which political views align with End Citizen United’s. Among the candidates, the group has decided to support former Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and current Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado.



The team of the End Citizens United political action group is led by Tiffany Muller and Jody Murphy. Tiffany Muller is the President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, and Jody Murphy is the Political Director of the group.



Tiffany Muller joined the End Citizens United with a lot to offer. She as a long history of fighting against discrimination, working in the field of progressive politics, doing research, and handling large projects on her own. Tiffany Muller prompted acceptance in Kansas in 2004 when she became the first gay public official that was open to the community. She used to be a part of a Topeka City Council, and she has also worked for Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Tiffany Muller used to occupy the position of Chief of Staff at the company Capitol Hill before she moved on to become an integral part and leader of the End Citizens United political group.



Tiffany Muller studied at the Washburn University in Topeka in the state of Kansas, U. S. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Her Master’s degree she earned from the University of Maryland. Currently, Tiffany Muller resides in Washington, DC with her wife and their pets.



Jody Murphy – the Political Director of End Citizens United – has had over ten years of professional experience in the field of local political campaigns. Right before he became a part of Ed Citizens United, Jody Murphy worked at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC). He occupied the positions of Independent Expenditure Director and a Political Director. While he was a part of DLCC, Jody Murphy worked in 18 states across the United States of America. He was responsible for the smooth process of building a local democratic network. Before his employment at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Jody Murphy was Executive Director a large number of legislative programs in the states of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Virginia. Jody Murphy studied at the Oklahoma Baptist University. Currently, he lives in Topeka and also has a house in Texas.


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