Troy McQuagge: The Florida Health Insurance Tycoon

Ever heard of the amazing and extraordinary Troy McQuagge? He is currently the President and Chief Executive Office for a health insurance company known as US Health Group based in Fort Worth, Texas. Recently McQuagge has been named the Gold Winner as Chief Executive Officer of the year in the amazing One Planet Awards. This award is from a global premiere awards program honoring business and professional excellence in every type of industry in the world. Companies are eligible to submit nominations regardless if they are public, private, start-ups, for-profit and non-profit status.


Now on to Troy McQuagge, as we know he is the current Chief Executive Officer for US Health Group with over 30 years of health insurance sales and other related positions to make his experience unbelievable. He is originally from the wonderful areas of Panama City, Florida. He acquired his Bachelor’s from the University of Central Florida and when McQuagge was in school he was always a studious and smart student who had a passion for learning. He would always ask questions if he was confused or just needed help to finish an assignment on time. His distinguishable features aided him to obtain a job with Allstate Insurance in 1983 in the health insurance sales department for many years where he would climb the corporate ladder which was thanks to his hard work and dedication. He later moved up to UICI/Health Market in 1995.


In 2010, McQuagge was offered the ultimate job at US Health as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He made sure that he was reaching the expected annual sales in health insurance to various customers who needed it. He amazingly managed the profitably of health insurance sales through mainly targeting customers who were generally sixty-five years old and younger. He wanted to make sure the company can easily reach customers on questions regarding if they wanted another plan or needed to add a family member to their health insurance plan through the use of email marketing and responding to those emails to make it so simple for the customer and their families and learn more about Troy.

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What Makes Jason Halpern Special?

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the founder of JMH Development. JMH Development is a company that provides their clients with help in multiple aspects of developing in commercial and residential properties. JMH helps during the design phase all the way through the marketing needs of their clients. His company works in different areas of the country but has their primary headquarters in New York. JMH Development is a hugely successful company under the guidance of Jason Halpern.

Jason's Friend
Jason’s Friend

Jason Halpern comes from a line of real estate workers. As a third-generation developer, he has the upper-hand of having knowledge of the industry that can take a normal person years to gain. His experience in the industry could have something to do with his success, but it could also be his take on developing that attributes to his company’s expansion. Jason Halpern is a developer who respects the areas that he works in. He commonly works in historic districts and honors what that building and neighborhood is known for. His dedication to respecting the places that he works in is something that many people and customers appreciate.


With his success comes his desire to give back to those who are not as fortunate as he is. For every contract that gets signed at his Miami branch, he donates $20,000 to an organization that brings clean water to several countries. His outrageous generosity is something that does not go unnoticed. Beyond his giving through his company he also gives his own personal money and time to another charitable cause. Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center helps many people in need. This trauma center is known for helping heart patients, burn victims, pregnant woman, as well as many other people in need of emergency help. Jason Halpern is passionate about giving back to people in need all over the globe.

Jason Halpern: with Production
Jason Halpern: with Production

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer and philanthropist. His company, JHM Development, has reached high levels of success and has allowed him to give to people who are in dire need. Jason Halpern’s desire to help is a tell of his character as a person and something that sets him apart from other people in his industry.

The Amazing Talent Acquisition Skills of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg lives in Manhattan. Julie Zuckerberg is providing career opportunities to all those who would like to work in finance sector. She has worked as a recruitment lead in several companies. Presently she is serving as the executive recruitment lead. She works for the Deutsche Bank in the capacity of a Vice President there.


It was in 2002 that Julie Zuckerberg had begun her career. This was with Hudson Staffing and Recruiting. She was over there for nearly five years. Over there, Julie Zuckerberg was doing placement of candidates for several law firms, attorneys, besides paralegals, case managers and others.


It was in 2007 that Julie Zuckerberg moved to Citi. This was her initial step in the financial services industry. Over here, Julie Zuckerberg worked as a vice president as well as the recruiter. She was hiring candidates for Citi. She was educating employees about various services that were being presented by Citi. This included the Citi Cards and related services.


In 2013, Julie Zuckerberg joined New York Life Insurance Company. She worked here as the Vice President and held the post of a senior recruiter.


It is clear that Julie Zuckerberg is having wide experience behind here. Hence she is well-known for her talent acquiring skills. She has exceptional leadership skills, interviewing skills besides the strategy as well as conflict resolution capabilities. Her other skills include human resource development, training of employees, besides succession planning along with coaching. She has good knowledge of applicant trackers.


Her education is from the New York Brooklyn College of City University. She was studying philosophy. She has studied law from the New York Law School.


Julie Zuckerberg is a woman of many interests. She has an interest in running, fine arts, besides photography and technology. She is interested in issues relating to animal welfare, civil rights, human rights, besides technology, economic issues, and science. Julie Zuckerberg is active on social media. She has an account on Twitter and a profile on Pinterest also.


She has made use of all these skills in her current assignment with the Deutsche Bank where she is working as the Talent Acquisition Lead. She is helping with coaching here. Julie Zuckerberg is counseling several groups that are into the recruitment of executives. She is heading the procedures that are used for hiring senior level positions which are at MD level and so on. Julie Zuckerberg is always leading the negotiation during all these procedures.


Julie Zuckerberg has a variety of roles to play in the role that she is playing right now. She heads several responsibilities at the Deutsche Bank. These include business management, recruitment, and client management and so on. She ensures best practices which must be followed by all who are looking after recruitment in her company.


Julie Zuckerberg believes that right people at the right job at the right time are very important for any business venture to become successful. In addition, attrition needs to be reduced in order to ensure business success.


Julie Zuckerberg has the right kind of qualifications as well as experience behind her in order to make a difference. She has mastered the art of recruitment through these years. She can be considered as a role model. Besides, she is involved in coaching as well as mentoring of her team also to enhance their skills.


Sample Copies Wessex Journal Available Online

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher education institute that is involved with scientific research. The institute attracts world-wide attention from a growing international audience. The institute is also involved with creating a place for professionals to exchange important knowledge on current news taking place in major scientific communities and industries. One way to create this exchange of information is through the journals that are published by the WIT Press at Wessex Institute of Technology.

The Wessex Journals

The Wessex Journals are highly appreciated by people across the world. They are currently involved with publishing several journals. A new journal is due to be released very soon and is a welcomed addition to the journal community at Wessex. Sample copies of the Wessex Journals are currently available to download via the WIT Press web page. Simply go to the page and fill out the form presented. Hit the submit button to download the selected journal.


Nabors Industries Owes its Spectacular Rise and Success to the Competent Leadership of Antony Petrello

Nabors Industries, a company based in Hamilton Bermuda, is the leading natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor in the entire world. It has extensive operations in the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and the Far East. The Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee, President, and CEO of this huge organization is Anthony Petrello. He went to both Yale and Harvard Universities, and he had significantly contributed to the development and expansion of Nabors Industries since 1968 when it was known as Anglo Energy Ltd.

Anthony achieved MS and BS degrees in Mathematics from Yale University and got a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. His career started in 1979 when he worked with a law firm called Baker & McKenzie as a Managing Partner in New York between 1986 and 1991. In the same year, 1991, he moved to Nabors Industries where he held the position of the Chief Operating Officer. Shortly afterward, he became the company’s President, and then in 2003 he also had the role of the Deputy Chairman. From 2012 to date, he has been the Chairman of the Board of the company and more information click here.

The total compensation he got for the FY 2015 was $27,512,939, but what he received out of this sum as the salary was $1,580,077. Another $7,727,000 was paid to him as a bonus, and for stock, he got $16,863,565. He was also entitled to various types of compensations which added to $1,342,206. Anthony and his wife work with Texas Children’s Hospital to which they generously donate money. They are particular about the research work being done at Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute because of their daughter who has cerebral palsy and what Anthony knows.

Making Profits By Developing Solutions For Societal Issues

It is said that problems are opportunities in disguise. An aggressive person creates solutions for those problems and reaps heavily because there is an existing market. This is the case for Todd Lubar. He chose to face the societal issues that people faced in the real estate at Baltimore, unlike many people. The crisis in the industry was popular with many consumers. Many companies have taken advantage of innocent people since the real estate industry is a lucrative sector. This economical untrustworthiness between the sellers and buyers created a crisis in Baltimore. This was the opportunity for Todd Lubar to develop his company known as TDL Global Ventures. Todd had worked with different housing agencies. He was in a position to create a lasting solution for the people of Baltimore.

The company did not make profits at first because they had to win the trust of their customers. People trusted the company with time. Different clients had successfully owned their houses. Todd Lubar did not create an exceptional product. He developed a means by which people would own a house using a transparent process. The lacks of transparency in the past made people lose their money through the different companies. TDL Global is open and creates products that make the client comfortable.

As per Patch, Todd Lubar is a leader who leads by example. He trains his employees on how to uphold honesty with their customers. This has made him a successful real estate investor. His company is attractive for solving the Baltimore crisis through the different strategies that were applied by Todd. Different investors should learn the different skills to attract clients. They should aim to grow with their customers as opposed to serving them and withdrawing. TDL Global Venture has become a leader in the industry through these strategies. People can now own houses without the stress of losing their money to anything. People should learn to create solutions for existing problems in the society so that there can be a symbiotic relationship between firms and the community.

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