Kate Hudson and pop star Demi Lovato launched the first collaboration of Fabletics which garnered a lot of attention.


After all, this had to happen as Fabletics is always being appreciated and getting attention from all quarters. Demi finds its clothes cute. She also appreciates the fact that this company is always focused on inspiring women and empowering them. It is trying to make women better than what they are. This applies to all women and irrespective of their age or size. It simply wants women to become strong. This brand empowers women, and this is exactly what Demi loves about this company.


This Fabletics brand was founded in 2013. It is a fashion-oriented brand that provides workout wear. In such a short time, Kate Hudson and her team have turned it into a $250 million company. This is quite extraordinary as Kate is just an actress with no business background behind her.


The founders of this brand are the same who founded TechStyle Fashion Group. Namely, these are Don Ressler besides Adam Goldenberg. When they decided to launch a workout wear in 2013, they realized the absence of any quality and stylish workout wear brand which was also priced reasonably. Only workout wear that was available was in black and gray color for women. Besides, it was grossly overpriced too.


Both of them wanted to change this. They required a partner at this time and Kate Hudson was the first person who came to their mind. This is because she was the true representation of whatever the brand Fabletics stood for. She is a warm and approachable person. Besides, she is known for her active lifestyle too.


She has become deeply involved in the brand from the beginning itself. She has become a part of all the aspects of this brand. This includes reviewing of budgets, selecting the appropriate social media strategy, and much more. She has involved herself in the designing process She makes sure that the styles always remain fresh. Kate keeps a close look at the sales figures too. Besides, she also knows which clothes are selling and which are not.


There are several celebrities who are endorsing the products but not using them. This does not apply to Kate Hudson. This is because she loves to wear as well as flaunt her Fabletics gear. This also indicates that she believes in this brand.


In spite of all this, success has not been easy for Fabletics. There were several hurdles to be crossed before reaching this position.


This company is providing the best products at a highly affordable price. They even trashed their first order due to its poor quality. This even led to a delay in their launch by nearly six months. This is a clear indication of how seriously they consider the quality of their products. This is a brand that is quite fanatical about its quality.


Kate Hudson has made communication a priority at Fabletics. Hence the company has upgraded its customer service. Besides, it has implemented a new data system too.

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