With the growth in the information age, more and more businesses are leaning towards the reviews made by their customers to improve on their brands. It is also true that behavior in purchases changes with the response from the crowd. Therefore, positive reviews act as a magnet to potential buyers while negative reviews repulse them. As a result of these trends, companies have shifted their marketing strategies and adapted a more review-centric approach. It is evident that the plan works as Fabletics has grown to a revenue of over $235 million in four years. In a statement, the corporate marketing officer to Fabletics parent company said that the brand’s success is attributed to review-centric marketing approach.


Positive customer review directly reflects on an increased purchase, brand loyalty among customers, and customer retention. With the current digital exposure, a significant number of potential clients will research on a company’s product before purchase. As a result, the online reviews become an essential part of the decision. A recent study conducted by BrightLocal Study showed that 84 percent of people take online reviews with as much weight as a recommendation from someone. More than half the respondents revealed that they do business research at least once a month. It was an increase of 23% over a period of one year. Additionally, half of the customers read reviews regularly. 60 percent would not buy products from a poorly reviewed business.


The bottom line is that with authentic and genuine reviews, the business stands to register expansion in sales. The inclusion of customer reviews as a customer service build loyalty among them. Additionally, it increases their customer acquisition investment. Studies conducted by Moz and The Local SEO Guide indicates that positive online reviews improve the brand’s search ranking. Consequently, the brand stands to appear on the top page on an organic, local search result. It is evident that reviews drive revenue. BrightLocal findings showed that 74 percent of the people would pursue purchase after landing reviews on the landing page. According to a Yelp report, a one-star increases revenue by 5 percent while half a star rating leads to a 19 percent increase in restaurant sell out. TechStyle addresses and incorporate customer reviews into their products as a way of increasing repeat customers. Fabletics goes further to respond, manage and collect thousands of customer reviews. They boast of an 8.2 TrustScore. Today, the truth lies not only in what a brand says it is but also in what the customers say about it. TechStyle and Fabletics have adopted the review-centric strategy which has pushed their revenue to the top.


During Fabletics inception, Kate Hudson was heavily involved despite lacking the business background as a backing. She participated in reviewing budgets and picking social media strategy. Kate continues to engage herself in the design process actively. Her contributions ensure that the products are fresh and trendy. Additionally, she monitors the sales and keeps tab of the selling rate. Fabletics takes customers data which enables them to provide a client with products matching their needs. Filling the company’s LifeStyle Quiz will allow them to serve you better. Register with Fabletics, take the quiz and watch as they serve you with the best products that meet your needs.

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