Nowadays, finding the right time for meditation can be challenging as we are always surrounded by sounds. The majority of earth’s inhabitants feel awkward when using their imaginations and examining their inner selves.

Vijay Eswaran is the CEO of the QI Group. He was raised in Malaysia. His family originates from India. So, he learned the Hindu tradition of mouna vratham, which is a silence ritual. Eswaran is the author of In the Sphere of Silence.In this book, he explains that of daily meditation for one hour is important because it enhances our brains. The book is a top seller in Southeast Asia.

Rhythm House originally published the book for the Asian audience. Then, it was accessible to U.S. readers. CEOs should read this book because it can increase their performance in business.

Eswaran has followed the principles in book by using his silent hour proactively. For instance, he splits the hour into five segments. Every segment with the exception of the fourth is 10 minutes. In the first segment, people reflect on their previous day, come up with improvement strategies, and analyze the reasons for not making the changes.

The second segment involves making a to-do list for today. In the third segment, you make a list of the goals that you want to accomplish in the next week, year, and 5 years. Then, you reiterate them to yourself. The fourth segments lasts 15 minutes. In this part, you read an educational book for inspiration.

The last third of this segment is used for writing a summary of your reading. This summary should be reviewed before starting to read everyday. In the fifth segment, you pray and write a summary of your prayer. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Living a Life of Purpose: Breaking Away From the Mental Shackles

Once you follow all these five steps for three weeks, it becomes customary. Silent meditation makes you a better individual because it helps direct energy to the highest effect. In the Sphere of Silence is an easy read that gives its readers a lesson to reflect on. These lessons can be making better judgments, listening more, and planning things ahead.

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