The Brown Agency has become one the hottest agencies coming straight out of Austin, Texas! They are known for their fashion, print, tv, film, voiceovers, commercials, advertising, catalogue and runway models.

Wilhelmina first launched The Brown agency in 2010 and moved to Austin, Texas. There it had become a well-known modeling agency in Austin Texas. The Brown Agency was then known for finding talent in the modeling industry. Check out their website to know more.

A little while after, Heyman Talent-South and the Brown Agency decided to take the world by storm and team up to create an even bigger impact on the entertainment industry. Heyman Talent-South was a well-known successful acting agency.

After teaming up with Heyman Talent-South it was destined that things were going to start changing for the good! The Brown Agency grew into more than just modeling but took on the world of entertainment. It became the only full-service agency in Austin Texas. It wasn’t long after the relaunch that it began to succeed! Heyman Talent-South founder, Michael B. Bonnee became the voice of the acting, and theatrical part of the company and it continued to help grow the agency!

The Brown Agency has continued to set the standard and carry out many goals throughout the years. They have became the staple for finding raw and real talent. They also are known to get great work for their clients. Their clients experience working with companies like Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal Dell and many other top-notch, high-end companies.

The President, Justin Brown, started out his career by modeling and working at a modeling agency in his college years. He had moved to Austin and it became his home and where he could follow his dreams and talents. He then went on to do to more behind the scenes work. Justin Brown began training models to perform at their best and get big successful gigs. Then later he would began to become the president and CEO of The Brown Agency.

Since becoming a full-service agency, thanks to the joining of Heyman Talent-South, it has succeeded in the growth of the company. It has helped expand further than just modeling and they have successfully reached more than just the fashion industry but the entire entertainment industry of the world!

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