A new system of recruitment is poised to revolutionize the industry of job-hunting and the process of recruitment. At the outset, it appears that this new method of recruitment could benefit both job seekers and employers. The company that utilizes this new system is called GoBuyside, a unique and quite intriguing name. What is this company and how does its new recruitment system work and is this new system really beneficial to the average job-seeker and employer? Here’s the lowdown about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside 101

If one visits their website, this basic information will greet the visitor. GoBuyside’s website says that it is fostering a recruitment platform of the 21st century. The information makes it appear that this platform is the new kid in town and it specializes in collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, investment managers, hedge funds, advisory platforms and private equity firms across a wide span of mandates and geographies. That is quite a lot of interesting information that can catch the attention of those interested in what this company can offer.

Searching for its origins, one will find out that GoBuyside is involved in providing recruiting solutions to investment firms that will hire their services. Its main offices are based in New York City, New York, in the United States. Apparently, this company was founded in 2011, so it is practically a new company which espouses a new kind of recruitment technology. The number of active employees of GoBuyside, the information say, is from 11 to 50. That’s about all the basic information a person can get if he will search the internet. However, there are still some interesting things that are posted in the company’s official website that will reveal more about its operations, if one will care to search a little bit more.

The Global Reach Of GoBuyside

From its website, one will find that GoBuyside is entrusted by more than 400 clients with their recruitment process. The company’s talent network, the site adds, is about 10,000 firms and increasing. It has a reach of more than 500 cities across the globe. Apart from scores of places in the United States, some of the countries where their clients are based include Canada, China, Mexico, Singapore, the UK, United Arab Emirates and many more. That means GoBuyside was able to place candidates or job seekers in all of these places.

What Should Job Seekers Do?

If a job seeker wants to use the system of GoBuyside to get a job, he only needs to do one basic thing. According to the company’s official website, a candidate should create a confidential profile. He apparently needs to post this on this site and he will be able to access his career opportunities, search for compensation information and get insights of his market niche. If a job seeker wants to use the services of GoBuyside, he should visit its official website to get more detailed information about its services.

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