Stokes Development, LLC, is the parent company of Green Structure Homes Delivered. This company announced in January 2018 that they would be opening a new manufacturing plant in the city of Cullman, Alabama. This manufacturing plant will be used to build green homes which will be used to house people in areas that have been declared as natural disasters. When it first opens it will hire 80 people who live in and around Cullman. Once this manufacturing plant is completely up to speed, which will take three years, upwards of 300 people could be working at it. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The chief executive officer Green Structures Homes Delivered, Barbara Stokes, said that she and her husband love Cullman and the work ethic that people there exhibit. While her company is headquartered in Huntsville they knew that once they were going to build a new manufacturing plant they would place it in Cullman. Barbara Stokes husband is Scott Stokes and he is the chief operating officer of Green Structures Homes Delivered. She said that the money to start this plant came from the Alabama Center for Foreign Investments. Among the investors were some from South Korea and China.


The building they chose for this plant is located in the Cullman Industrial Complex. It had been a building used by the city and county and they sold it to Stokes Development in late 2017. It has 99,000 square feet of space which will mostly be used to assemble homes.

Barbara Stokes says that they plant build somewhere between 500 to 600 homes a year in Cullman. These will be Katrina-style homes built of light-gauge steel. The homes are designed to be resistant to things such as vermin, mold, and mildew. They can resistant hurricane-force winds. Because these homes are built of steel there are also fire resistant. Each one can be built inside of two days.

As for where the materials they are using are being sourced from, Barbara Stokes said that it would all come from either local places in Cullman or the would come from Birmingham and/or Decatur. Altogether the homes will contain 60% recycled materials.

At the present time their homes are smaller cottage style homes. They are presently in the design stage for larger buildings. These will be buildings that can be as tall as four stories high. Barbara Stokes said that they could be used as either condos or hotels. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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