It takes a lot to be an expert in natural resources investing. First, you need to understand science including geology. If you are you can analyze information about things like oil wells and gold mines for yourself, or even collect specimens yourself to get the true picture. You also have to understand global markets, financing, and how companies work. Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the few people that brings all of these disparate skills together. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali grew up wanting to be a geologist. He studied at both Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University where he picked up his bachelor’s and master’s degree in geology respectively. He was pursuing his Ph.D. when someone he knew asked him to join his team and write about investing in natural resources. This friend hooked him up with a job at Stansberry & Associates which provides extensive investment advice to average investors. He started this firm’s Stansberry Resource Report which focused exclusively on natural resource investing. He says that his publication became one of the most widely read of its kind because they were able to create hedge fund quality ideas which Main Street investors could rely upon. Visit:

He continue to write about natural resource investing at Banyan Hill Publishing through his two advisory services, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. Over the last few months, Matt Badiali’s focus has been on “U.S. Freedom Checks“. He first released a video online where he can be seen holding up a check for $114,287. He said he received it from one of 568 companies across the US that are authorized by the government to send these out to their shareholders each year.

What these 568 companies have in common, Matt Badiali says, is that they meet two federal government requirements. The first is that 90% or more of their revenue has to come from American natural resources, of which there is an estimated $128 trillion. The second is that they pay out a “U.S. Freedom Check” to their shareholders on an annual basis.

What a “U.S. Freedom Check” is, Matt Badiali explains, is a Master Limited Partnership (MLPs). He says these pay out a lot more than what they earn in taxable profits which means they can be a huge windfall for investors. He explains a lot more about this concept and how to get involved to subscribers of Real Wealth Strategist. Visit the website to learn more.


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