The new online referral service is a breakthrough for New York lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein

The new online referral service is a breakthrough for New York lawyers like Jeremy.

Finding the appropriate lawyer to handle a case has always been an uphill task for the people of New York. Thanks to the New York State Bar Association and its branch Referral and Information Service (LRIS), the process is not going to be a hustle anymore as an online portal for persons looking for a lawyer has been launched. Individuals that are in need of a lawyer can access or use the telephone support service that has been put in place by the LRIS. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

This service of lawyer referrals and information will ease the pressure of those looking for a lawyer and also expand the practices of the attorneys in New York. It is important to note that any individual looking for a lawyer will be matched with a sound lawyer that had been evaluated by the New York State bar association.

LRIS is a service combining the efforts of and the New York Bar Association with a united stand to ensure that lawyers can be able to provide extensive legal services reaching to a more significant number of people. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Also, LRIS aims at creating an online trusted stop point where one seeking to find a lawyer can be pointed in the right direction and matched with the appropriate person.

The online service is a straightforward one with the individual looking for a lawyer logging in the portal and having to fill out a series of questionnaires that try to find out the legal aspect of the issue the individual has and their location.

After that, the survey will be reviewed, and the individual will be matched with the appropriate attorney by the State Bar Staff. Also, if the individual resides in other counties that have a service for a lawyer referral, the State Bar will convey the request to the appropriate Bar Association of the county.

The references that are forwarded by the State Bar Association are not charged but a fee of $35 is paid after the first half hour of talking to the lawyer one was linked to. Exceptions are made in the cases where one has suffered injury, matters of malpractice in medicine, unemployment and military law.

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer based in New York who focuses on giving insights to committees dealing with compensation and also on the matters concerning the corporate leadership. Jeremy Goldstein is among the principal partners of Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates a firm that he founded.

Malcolm CasSelle Advances the Operations of Virtual Asset Markets

OPSkins is not only the most reputable organization in merchandizing in-game virtual properties but also the leading bitcoin seller globally. Since its launching, OPSkins has experienced tremendous success leading to the expansion of its operations. Now, OPSkins’ creators are working towards establishing the latest blockchain designed to facilitate virtual property trading operations known as Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX was architected to boost the trading operations in different ways including permitting the sellers and buyers to trade efficiently. As such, WAX solves two main problems that virtual asset industries face, fraud and fragmentation. WAX achieves this in a straightforward procedure, which incorporates block chain-enabled widget that allows consistent merchandising of virtual products without clicking off the game. Additionally, the blockchain technology uses a sophisticated consensus algorithm that is the quickest, as well as, most decentralized.

Besides working on the challenges the market encounters, WAX enables reliable and new user type operations. In this way, the creators of Worldwide Asset eXchange intend to benefit trading communities given its decentralization strategy. WAX supports particular needs presented by the virtual video asset industry offering optimal trading exposure to its customers.


WAX achievements are attributed to its President, Malcolm CasSelle. Malcolm CasSelle’s success trajectory stems from his previous exposure. Before founding wax, Malcolm worked at New Ventures as the corporation’s President and CTO. His expertise at tronc, Inc generated from his experience at Digital Media of SeaChange where he served as the company’s Manager. Besides pioneering famous enterprises, Malcolm CasSelle is recognized for his diligence in helping startup agencies. Throughout his professional life, Malcolm has participated actively in venturing into organizations such as Zynga and Facebook among others.


Malcolm CasSelle attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attained his bachelor’s degree. He advanced his studies at the University of Stanford where he was awarded a Computer Science masters degree. Malcolm is a gifted and talented entrepreneur whose leadership attributes are intrinsic. His communication skills in the sector supplement his exclusiveness as he speaks different languages including Mandarin and Japanese. Moreover, Malcolm CasSelle is a super expert team player, as well as, informed across various segments including venture capital and the western culture.


Building your Gold Investments with the US Money Reserve

An investment involves acquiring certain assets and keeping them with the expectation that they will appreciate in value. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Twitter

There are many forms in which one can invest, for example, an individual may acquire gold, stocks, annuities or bonds. Some of the places where an individual can acquire these resources include banks and investment companies. Some forms of investments such as annuities and bonds involve compounding of the assets using an agreed rate.

The rate is negotiated between the buyer and the seller of the assets during the purchase. Investments usually involve the allocation of large amounts of funds and is normally for a long period of time, for example, 5 years or 10 years.

U.S Money Reserve has been in operation for almost two decades, it’s one of the largest dealers in gold. The U.S Money Reserve has a sound leadership and a professional workforce who are highly trained on how to handle their clients.

That could be the reason behind its global recognition, it received awards for been exceptional in their practices. Some trading companies have been on the spotlight for engaging in unethical practices, some have been sued and ordered to pay fines by courts of law. By buying their products, they provide the necessary support to ensure that you achieve high returns on your investment.

The U.S Reserve deals with high-grade coins that are issued and certified by the U.S government and other governments from around the world.

Gold as a form of investment is becoming a popular type of investment, there are many reasons why investors choose gold and its forms as a form of investments. Gold can help to shield the investor from the risk of inflation, according to statistics, the prices of gold and its forms such as coins has been on the rise.

The other forms of investments such as stocks and bank deposits are at risk of depreciating in value as a result of inflation. When there is inflation, there is a general increase the commodity prices, the currencies depreciate in value, in that case, the amount of money in the economy is more than the commodities that are available for purchase.

Apart from being a safe form of investment, gold could be used to reduce the risks associated with other forms of investments such as stocks and bank deposits. Investing in gold ensures diversification of an investor’s portfolio and therefore can be a source of income when other forms of investments depreciate in value.

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All About Ricardo Tosto’s Law 13,254

Ricardo Tosto Carvalho, the founding partner of Leite, Barros and Tosto law firm, is positive that law 13,254 which was dated on 13th January 2016 will create a pathway for technical exchanges between Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers. Gil Vente Gama agrees with Ricardo and says that technical partnerships can hasten procedures between two or more countries as in the case of the asset regularization project abroad which involve Brazil and the resource host country. This project of repatriation of resources took long before it was approved by the Congress. Ricardo Tosto remembers that at first the income tax and fine was 17.5% each which was to be levied on the current exchange rate. However, both income tax rate and fine reduced to 15% after discussions.

Ricardo Tosto also in his law 13254 highlighted the possibility of clearing crimes such as tax evasion, misconduct and money laundering. He says that amnesty will not be granted to serious crimes cases like corruption, drug trafficking. The partnership between Brazilian and foreign lawyers will homogenize laws and depict those who intend to keep resources hidden. Ricardo Tosto Tosto denotes in this project that it’s unlawful to keep resources abroad without the consent of the Brazilian tax authorities and so this project will ensure regulation of such cases. He adds that the close ties between these advocate professionals in multiple countries will ensure resources do not divert unlawfully outside Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto studies bachelor in law Mackenzie University of Presbyterian and has extended Business Administration from the AAPF. He is among the greatest entrepreneurs and strategists of law in Brazil. He has defended people and companies in which some cases have had a national effect. He is a quality lawyer who clearly knows limits that he should not pass while working. He is experienced since he has advocated for governments, transnational groups, for politicians and pro- bono for non-governmental organizations.

Ricardo Tosto through Leite, Tosto e Barros has made a very significant contribution in Brazil as a certain client who works in a certain company says that it’s the first on their list when they are taking a legal action since it increases the value of their strategies.

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The RealReal: Educating the Public about Fake Luxury Goods

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing an item and finding out, long after you’ve spent the money on it, that it is a fake. Unfortunately, this is something that happens quite frequently in the high-end fashion industry. With such a rampant degree of deception running through the industry, the secondhand goods market is often affected by people who are hesitant to purchase items because of the risk to their authenticity. In the wake of such a reputation, it is important for retailers to build a sense of trust with their customers, and that is something that The RealReal takes very seriously. They have made a name for themselves as a trustworthy luxury goods consignor with professionals dedicated to the authentication of their goods. While there’s always a risk with shopping online, The RealReal has been successful in creating a good relationship with its buyers.

This good relationship that they have built has also made it possible for The RealReal to grow within its industry. It has created a substantial mark on the fashion world in general, garnering collaboration from many of the top fashion brands. The success means that the company needs to continue their substantial growth. An article can be found on that discusses some of the things that The RealReal is doing to help secure its financial future. “The RealReal-The Fashion Site That Sells Secondhand Gucci and Louis Vuitton-Wants to Raise a New $100 Million Investment” has done a lot of speculating as to why the company has opted to request additional funding from private investment firms or individuals.

The most common reason for such a request is to facilitate growth, and The RealReal has been growing at an alarmingly successful rate since it first started making sales on its website. In fact, it has been so successful that it is speculating launching more retail locations than the one it currently has in Soho, New York City. The Soho location has been very successful and even host workshops to help teach individuals about fake items. This new investment may go a long way towards increasing those opportunities.

Eric Lefkofsky Is Using Technology To Aid In Cancer Treatment

People are stricken with cancer each year all around the world, and in recent reports, there are more than 15 million individuals in the United States that are diagnosed with cancer today. It is thanks to the work of individuals like Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus, that technology advancements are coming to the medical industry and a much faster rate than ever. Tempus is a tech company that uses software to analyze and collect data to help fight cancer in the future.

Tempus is a platform that is going to change the way doctors are able to operate on their patients. For the longest time, patients and clinical data has been widely disorganized, and even the data that is organized is hard to use in any effective manner. This is especially true when considering that each individual is different and must be handled differently when it comes to their treatment. But there is no structure to notes that have been made on subjects and certainly no effective way to find and use that data. Tempus is fixing this problem by creating a structure for all data specific to each patient, which could potentially be life-saving for people all over the world.

Thanks to the impressive success of Tempus thus far, the sequencing process of molecular and genomic data has continued to decrease in cost. This allows it to be available to many more people, which is a great thing as everyone is entitled to live a healthy life free of harm.

Ever since graduating from college in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky has been driven to not only change the world but improve it. Eric has found many successes in his life through his business efforts, but whats more important than what he has achieved is what he does with it. Not only did Eric and his wife start up the Lefkofsky foundation, but they regularly donate to organizations and various charities working to make the world a better place. They have donated millions over the past decade, and they even plan to donate upwards of 50 percent of everything they gain to help people all over the world.

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Make Gains, Get Ripped, Burn Fat, and Outperform Everyone with Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is the number one most successful human optimization and athletic performance enhancer on the market today. Through their massive range of amazing nutritional performance enhancing products, Enhanced Athlete is able to take your body to a level that you never dreamed was possible. Their all natural products can help your body create all the testosterone that it needs to make huge gains and stay massive, workout after workout. If you tend to run out of steam during training, then try some of Enhanced Athlete’s energy boosting products to help you stay going strong throughout any athletic or performance related tasks. If your sexual performance and sexual stamina seem to be a bit lacking, then try out Enhanced Athlete’s sexual performance boosting products. Enhanced Athlete literally has something for everyone, regardless of your need. Enhanced Athlete is the premier human performance enhancer out there, hands down.


Founded two decades ago and headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Enhanced Athlete has built a literal sports nutrition product empire through sweat, blood, and tears. It wasn’t an easy road to becoming the top sports nutritional product retailer and producer in the world, it took years of meticulously and tirelessly focusing on making the very best products available in the industry. What has given Enhanced Athlete the unrelenting motivation and drive to becoming so successful is that the company founders themselves were seeking ways to take their own physical performance to the next level, as most of them are athletes and trainers. Once the founders figured out how to create nutritional products that worked for them, they simply passed on the wealth of knowledge to individuals around the world by way of their fantastic products.


Once Enhanced Athlete became a global powerhouse in sports nutrition formulas, the company’s founders decided to expand their business model into other areas related to sports. These areas include video fitness coaching and exercise apparel design. Through Enhanced Athlete’s two new offshoot companies, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching, the company was able to continue offering world class products within the athletic and fitness arena. If you need online coaching for any of your dietary, nutrition, and exercise planning needs, then absolutely look no further than Enhanced Coaching, the number one online coaching product on the web today. If you want to look super sharp and be extra comfortable during your athletic and training routines, then get your booty on over to Enhanced Gear, the premier workout apparel superstore online. There you can buy tank tops, fabulous t-shirts, stretch pants, leg warmers, fitness and gym bags, EA branded merchandise, sweatpants, and a whole lot more.