The new online referral service is a breakthrough for New York lawyers like Jeremy.

Finding the appropriate lawyer to handle a case has always been an uphill task for the people of New York. Thanks to the New York State Bar Association and its branch Referral and Information Service (LRIS), the process is not going to be a hustle anymore as an online portal for persons looking for a lawyer has been launched. Individuals that are in need of a lawyer can access or use the telephone support service that has been put in place by the LRIS. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

This service of lawyer referrals and information will ease the pressure of those looking for a lawyer and also expand the practices of the attorneys in New York. It is important to note that any individual looking for a lawyer will be matched with a sound lawyer that had been evaluated by the New York State bar association.

LRIS is a service combining the efforts of and the New York Bar Association with a united stand to ensure that lawyers can be able to provide extensive legal services reaching to a more significant number of people. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Also, LRIS aims at creating an online trusted stop point where one seeking to find a lawyer can be pointed in the right direction and matched with the appropriate person.

The online service is a straightforward one with the individual looking for a lawyer logging in the portal and having to fill out a series of questionnaires that try to find out the legal aspect of the issue the individual has and their location.

After that, the survey will be reviewed, and the individual will be matched with the appropriate attorney by the State Bar Staff. Also, if the individual resides in other counties that have a service for a lawyer referral, the State Bar will convey the request to the appropriate Bar Association of the county.

The references that are forwarded by the State Bar Association are not charged but a fee of $35 is paid after the first half hour of talking to the lawyer one was linked to. Exceptions are made in the cases where one has suffered injury, matters of malpractice in medicine, unemployment and military law.

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer based in New York who focuses on giving insights to committees dealing with compensation and also on the matters concerning the corporate leadership. Jeremy Goldstein is among the principal partners of Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates a firm that he founded.

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