How Gareth Henry is fighting for the LGBT Community

For those people in the lesbian, gay and bisexual community, the teenage years come with plenty of challenges. Also known as an individual’s sexual orientation, many youths find themselves in a confusing state when trying to find their identity in sexual matters. For one Gareth Henry, the journey to coming out and embracing oneself has been worth the struggle. Born in Jamaica, the vocal badminton player is committed to assisting those who are struggling with their sexual orientation to embrace themselves and reach out to likeminded individuals who can offer the same support. Growing up in his hometown, he lost about 13 friends who identified as gay to assassinations. As of now, his country has criminalized such relations thereby arresting those who come out. For that reason, Gareth Henry is dedicated to empowering his peers through different programs that support same-sex relationships.

Early Life

Growing up, Gareth Henry did not have a relationship with his absentee father. His mother supported Gareth Henry’s siblings in the single-family home. But, Gareth Henry had a close relationship with his grandmother. When he turned 10, Henry started school. It was then that he realized he was attracted to boys. For years, he lived a lonely life because same-sex relations were unacceptable and punishable. He could not come out. When he turned 16, he moved to his uncle’s place and got some liberation from the discrimination in Jamaica. He then started living a normal life as a gay man. While in Kingston, he went to the Excelsior Community College then the University of West Indies for science and social work. He also studied communications and behavioral change.

Working with the LGBT Community

In 1997, he started working with the Jamaica AIDS Support Group, one of his country’s largest organizations for human rights. He also offered to participate in community work and collaborate with gay men. Besides, he worked with the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians and All-Sexuals as well as Gays organization. Although he tried to fight for the LGBT community in his country, his pleas fell on deaf ears. That is why he decided to flee the county and settle in Canada where he sought refuge. He received refugee status and started working with the LGBT community in Canada. Today, he is a free man still trying to educate masses about embracing the gay community.

Southridge Capital LLC’s Founder Endorses Cryptocurrency as a Lucrative Investment Scheme

Have you been looking for a rewarding investment opening worth trailing? If yes, Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital LLC’s chief executive officer states that the cryptocurrency industry would be a brilliant scheme for you.


Who is Stephen Hicks?

Mr. Stephen Hicks is the founder of Southridge Capital LLC, an investment group headquartered in Connecticut. Southridge cooperates with a pool of gifted investment experts who guide portfolio companies through the puzzling investment industry.

Besides investment consultancy, the private equity firm serves its clients with financing, credit amendment, bankruptcy advice, company restructuring, and securities brokerage services.


Southridge Capital LLC’s CEO’s thoughts on the cryptocurrency industry

A few years ago, the cryptocurrency industry was bordered by a negative hype that dispirited people from trailing the investment opening. Most venture experts branded it as a scandalous high-risk investment scheme with a lot of misconstructions.

However, nowadays, the trend has changed. Giant financial companies, former critics, and other reputable investors have endorsed cryptocurrency as a legitimate scheme that is worth the chase.

According to Mr. Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital’s CEO, cryptocurrency would be the next most lucrative investment scheme. You can visit for more info

Why is cryptocurrency gaining such powerful traction?

As stated by the Southridge Capital LLC’s CEO, cryptocurrencies have been gaining grip due to the audacity taught by the industry’s trendsetters. For instance, giant banking service providers like Barclays, and Citi Bank have publicized that they are looking for ways to integrate cryptocurrencies into their regular banking services.

Besides the banking service providers, major investment companies like Intercontinental Exchange, Wall Street, and Goldman Sachs are in the brink of releasing a platform that could allow venture capitalists to trade on different cryptocurrencies.

Southridge Capital LLC’s CEO contends that the trend shows that cryptocurrency has the potential to yield excellent proceeds. It could be the primary reason why principal investors are hopping into the cryptocurrency bandwagon.  For more detail you can checkout

Stephen Hicks’ final views on the cryptocurrency industry

Mr. Hicks says that the cryptocurrency industry is here to stay. The sector could replace the government-controlled currencies. Savvy investors who wish to venture into this money-spinning opening could start a channel that brings cryptocurrency investors together.



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OSI Group: 100 Years in the Food Service Industry

One-hundred years is quite a long period of time, but imagine if a company could stay in business for such an extended timeframe? Well, this has actually happened in numerous cases, but it isn’t very common. There’s a food processing company in America that has certainly withstood the test of time. Located in Aurora, Illinois, is the headquarters of OSI Group, and this specific company has conquered the foodservice industry in various ways. OSI Group was birthed back in 1909. That’s right! This Illinois-based food processor has been around for a century, and it has taken its talent to an overseas market. Are you aware that OSI has facilities throughout the world? These facilities are state-of-the-art, and they’re operated at full-capacity. Thanks to being so big and expansive, the company is always in need of professionals who share a passion for working in this industry.

OSI Group is an equal-opportunity workplace. There are numerous open positions that need to be filled, including forklift operators, administration professionals, laborers and managers. The company already has close to 20,000 employees on its payroll. President David McDonald has taken this food giant straight to the top of the ranks. This man has also played a key role in many of the company’s acquisitions. BAHO Food, a private-Dutch food processor, was acquired back in 2016. “This acquisition will surely strengthen our network,” said McDonald. His career spans for over three decades. Since he has been the president of the company, OSI has been enjoying a spectacular arc of growth.

Creating consumer-driven products is the name of the game. OSI Group has definitely put in the work to enjoy its recent success. Demands in food services come and go with the seasons, but OSI has stayed consistent throughout the years. In the end, this dynamic food processor may go down as one of the best that has ever done it.

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Montoro Jens report on the current state of the Brazilian Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in Infrastructure Projects. He is one leader that has greatly influenced the entrepreneurial capability of Brazil’s economy. Having occupied several leadership positions and engaged in several charitable activities, he remains celebrated across Brazil. He recently revealed a survey done by National Confederation of Industry which shows that 2796 projects are paralyzed in Brazil. Based on his experience, he advised the government to take critical measures to improve the infrastructure sector. Find out more at to learn more.

Analysis of the report by NCI

Felipe Montoro Jens explained in a report that 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the Economy of Brazil is generated from the country’s infrastructure. Felipe, however, noted that one of the challenges limiting the sector includes the difficulty in budgeting and financial challenges that interrupt several construction processes.

Felipe Montoro Jens also claimed that the crisis that the economy of Brazil is experiencing has led to limit in investments, fiscal deterioration, and also limit in spending which in turn has led the Federal government to interrupt several development projects. It also noted that difficulty in the interaction between public managers who are in charge of making plans to be a reality is also another obstacle to the developments of the infrastructure of the Federal Government.

Based on the survey results, Felipe Montoro Jens recommended six measures to curb this situation of paralysis and delays. These include improvement on macro planning, evaluation of the most appropriate modality execution, carrying out a most efficient micro-planning, having teams that are well equipped, designing contracts that are well balanced, and having an internal control that is well strengthened.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Apart from being an entrepreneur and an investor, Felipe Montoro Jens is also a public speaker. He has attended numerous conferences where he has addressed the current state of the Brazilian development sector. At one point, he was invited to be a speaker at Latin America’s World Economic Forum. He was able to discuss the issues and opportunities in the economic sector and the global influence of market growth. Felipe Montoro Jens is indeed an inspiration to the country.


Gareth Henry: Tremendous Athlete, Fearless Advocate

Gareth Henry is a Jamaican-born athlete who is known for playing badminton and perhaps even more well-known for his role as an activist. He competed in the Commonwealth Games and multiple times in the Pan American Games. He has successfully competed in Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles categories.

A professional badminton player in her own right Gareth’s sister, Geordine Henry, has partnered with him professionally several times. The siblings teamed up to win the Mixed Doubles title while playing in the Jamaican National Badminton Championships six times over the span of 2008-2016.

Gareth Henry is also quite a vocal activist for gay rights. He has long been an open supporter of the Jamaican Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays, which is well-known as the pioneering organization for gay rights in Jamaica, JFLAG.

Asserting his support of gay rights in Jamaica has come at a price for Gareth Henry. He actually plead for refugee status in Canada after incidents in 2008 in his home country becoming untenable. He stated that Canada was a place that protects and understands human rights.

Some of the horrific actions against gays in Jamaica that Gareth Henry had to witness included the death of 13 gay or lesbian friends between the years of 2004-2008. One of the most horrific of these deaths included a man who was being chased by a mob merely over the suspicion that he might be gay. The man was chased directly into the harbor, but unfortunately this man was not able to swim. The mob and innocent bystanders fearful for their lives if they were to assist simply watched the man drown.

The knowledge that his human rights were not the same in Jamaica as were afforded to millions of others in the world came crashing down on a personal note one Valentine’s Day for Gareth Henry. He was suddenly surrounded in a pharmacy and had no available exit and an angry mob to face. There was not an assistance offered by the police or the state. It was made abundantly clear that the police were not on his side or there for his protection.

Boraie Development LLC are Developing Properties that are an Embodiment of Modern Design and Convenience

Boraie Development LLC is a New Jersey-based company that offers real estate development, sales and marketing as well as property management services to investors and businesses. The company is committed to building the best properties, at same time, providing quality services to their clients. While at its virtue of building properties, they have developed The Aspire property in New Brunswick, a new luxurious residential homes tower ready to be hired out, claims



The Aspire is located in 135 Somerset St and is designed for renters who fancy modern designs as well as convenience. The fact that it is located near New Brunswick train station confirms the convenience aspect of the property. Your entertainment needs has been catered for by the entertainment and night-life spots. In addition, it boosts of spectacular dining options. Its proximity to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital among other two health facilities makes it a favorable residential environment.



The interior of the building is designed to meet the various needs of the diversity of people. It contains 238 studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom designer apartments as well as full-service building. The various amenities include a well-guarded lobby and a good parking space with direct building access. The interior floor plans have given fine designer finishes including 9-10 foot ceilings, hardwood covered floor in the living areas, big size closets, gourmet and island kitchens as well as good bathroom details. Each unit is well lit, thanks to the big-sized windows. It wouldn’t be complete without terraces and balconies that gives it a beautiful view of Johnson Park as well as the Raritan River.



In that spirit of development and building of phenomenon structures, Boraie Development have renovated an older theater on Springfield Avenue. The ground-breaking project which saw $7 million spent was made possible by both Boraie Development as well as Mr. O’Neal, a retired basketball association star. They have also planned to carry out some more projects together. They are working to take housing development to more distressed areas of New Jersey.



The Partnership between Mr. O’Neal and Boraie Development is a success story in-making with Mr. O’Neal lending funds and star power to a local but accomplished developer with a vast experience as well as extensive political contacts. In a statement on, Mr. O’Neal said that they are looking to build great projects at one town at a time. The two partners are planning to do many other projects together and Mr. O’Neal believes that it is the best way to give back to the community.