Give the Holiday Gift That Anyone Would Love

The holidays are quickly approaching it is time to begin Christmas shopping. Inevitably there are always people that are difficult to shop for. Of course, a random gift could be purchased, wrapped, and the left unused or a surprised thoughtful present that is practical could wow the recipient. Massage chairs are an ideal gift solution that provides many advantages to whoever is luckiest enough to receive it.


Benefits of Massage Chairs

Honestly, everyone experiences muscle aches and discomforts at some point. Many people have achy muscles, joints, and pain much more regularly. As people age, they experience this discomfort much more frequently. A massage chair compare could be the solution that they never knew that they needed. Whenever pain or discomfort arise the gift recipient can simply get comfortable in their massage chair, select the massing option to target the pain, and then get ready for relaxation. Other benefits include improved circulation, reduced stress, better posture, and increased endorphin production.

Types of Massage Chairs

Full Body

The ultimate relaxation experience offers a full body massage. The head all the way to calves are kneaded and massaged with a variety of control options to create the best user experience. These therapeutic chairs are the most popular consumer selection.

Air Massage

For a more comprehensive massaging experience utilizes different technology. Instead of electronic messaging panels, it uses airbags that allow for more of the body to be reached. It is also considered a more soft and gentle massage than the deep tissue options that traditional massage chairs offer.


Relaxation to many people means putting their feet up. These massage chair options include a detached ottoman that also kneads legs. Ottoman sets are generally less expensive and available in more color and material options. An additional benefit is that taller people are able to sit more comfortably and get the full benefit of all of the chair and all of the ottoman’s massage points, unlike other choices.


It is common knowledge that heat therapy soothes aching muscles. When heat is combined with massage it can have a very positive impact and offer plenty of relief. The best aspect of heated massage chairs, aside from the comforting features, is that they come in a wide variety of price ranges making it an affordable gift.

This is the season to impress that person that is very hard to please. Give them the gift of relaxation, comfort, and relief with a massage chair. It is a practical gift that will be used all year long. There are several different chair options like full-body, air massage, ottoman set, and heated massages. There is an ideal massaging chair for everyone and it is a comforting, thoughtful holiday gift.

Whitney Wolfe Shows Her Multi-dimensional Creative Side

Whitney Wolfe is giving people a lot of opportunities to explore her multi-dimensional social media app environment. When people look at what Whitney Wolfe has done with social media they know that she is looking for opportunities to expand across the board. It is possible that she could have taken her connection to the millennial crowd and only focused on this group. After all, she is under the age of 30. She is someone that helped start the most popular dating app, but she changed the gears and decided to start her own app for dating as a direct competitor with the Tinder app that she had already started years ago.

The thing that makes Bumble different in so many ways is that it has the potential to reach people of many different age groups. You do not have to be part of the millennial age group to take interest in what is offered by Bumble. You also do not need to put all of your stock into dating alone to be interested in what Whitney Wolfe is offering with the Bumble dating app.

Wolfe has proven that there is more in store in the dating app community. She is allowing women to make the first move. That may be one of the big game changers that she has invested in when it comes to competing with other dating apps. That was the thing that started the high amount of publicity that was connected to Bumble. Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit

As time progressed Whitney Wolfe would encounter a dating app environment where people were also looking for opportunities where they could build friendships. It was not just going to be an app environment that catered to single people alone. Others that were looking for friendships would also have opportunities to embrace Bumble. Now it appears that you can even turn off the dating app feature and utilize other aspects of Bumble. Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War

All of this is proof that Bumble is one of those app environments that is going to be useful for people even if they are not part of the single community of app users. Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd Swiped Right To A $230 Million Fortune

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Jeremy Goldstein Continues His Impressive Work With Fountain House

The Fountain House organization has been operating in and around New York City for more than 70 years and recently saw its coffers enhanced by more than $56,000 in a single night.

Eminent business attorney Jeremy is the man responsible for the majority of the funding flooding into the Fountain House charity because of his decision to hold two luxury dinner parties with fine wines from the Chateau Latour winery.

Jeremy Goldstein made sure the highest level of luxury was available to attract donors to the Fountain House charitable project from across New York City and beyond. The first dinner was held at NoMad Hotel within the confines of its expansive rooftop restaurant offering unmatched views of the New York skyline. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Demand for tickets to the event was so high that a second date was added to allow as many donors as possible to attend what has become one of the top private fundraising events in the history of New York City.

Jeremy Goldstein has been a long time supporter of the Fountain House group which has been fighting for increased rights and representation for all people with mental health issues in the New York City area.

The group was formed by a loose collection of members who had battled mental health issues and wished to provide support and assistance for others who have been affected by these issues.

Jeremy Goldstein has been a member of the board of directors at Fountain House since 2010 and takes great pride in the huge leaps forward the charitable group has taken in recent years.

The well-known attorney has become one of the top business experts in the U.S. after playing a major role in many of the most important deals of recent years. The University of Chicago and Cornell University graduate is an advisor to the respected NYU Journal of Law and Business publication.

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