Over one hundred years ago, in 1909, German immigrant living in Illinois, Otto Kolschowsky, started a business just a couple years after arriving in the United States. This company, over the span of a century, would come to be one of the largest meat providers in the world. Otto Kolschowsky’s company of humble beginnings, Otto and Sons, rocketed forward with a well known leader of the fast food industry, McDonald’s; becoming known as OSI Group McDonalds.

This business partnership started as an agreement between two family run companies. The McDonald’s was a family owned restaurant in California, but they soon sell ownership over to their franchise agent, Ray Kroc when the business began to grow.

Before McDonalds took off, Ray Kroc and Otto and Sons entered an agreement of business partnership, the bud that would soon bloom in to the OSI Group McDonalds.

Over the next century, the two businesses would continue to grow and dominate in their respective fields. McDonalds making headway in the fast food industry with it’s innovative drive thru, and Otto and Sons supplying them with flash frozen burger patties.

This was not the only endeavor that the OSI Group took on, however. After establishing facilities specifically for their OSI Group McDonalds, OSI expanded around the globe. As they did so, they also began to provide other meats; bacon, sausage, sliced meats, and so much more. If you could name it, they packaged it. They began to sell to other companies, such as SubWay. They made many different partnerships around the world, most of which continue to successful under them today. Now, OSI Group sits at a pretty #63 on the Forbes website for ranking privately owned businesses.

Though OSI Group is no longer strictly run by Otto’s family, it still strongly reflects the companies roots and their fateful business partnership in its dedicated OSI Group McDonalds facilities.

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