Being an entrepreneur with success and noteriety comes from first having good ideas. Doe Deere is one of those entrepreneurs who is blessed with having repetitive good business ideas. Doe Deere recently sold one of her successful entrepreneur ideas to Tengram Capital. Tengram Capital happily bought her brainchild Lime Crime makeup company. They wanted to expand the brand to more store sales and to incorporate new product ideas. Doe Deere is still a consultant to the brand.

Doe Deere’s other entrepreneur brain child that has met some success already, even though it’s only in its early stages, is her jewelry line. Poppy Angeloff is the new brain child of Doe Deere. She has been trying to make headway with her new jewelry line right after she just recently went through the birth of her very first child. Her child has been both taking up a significant amount of her time and has inspired her immensely. She has been able to create and to love and nurture her new baby all at once.

Where did Doe Deere gain her entrepreneur spirit and mind from? Doe Deere originally was born in Russia. She emigrated to the United States with her family in the hopes to pursue their dreams in a country that they admired. It was difficult going, but over time and a lot of struggle the family finally achieved what they set out to do. They were able to achieve their own American dreams. They were able pursue their careers with schooling they would not have otherwise been able to have where they lived before. The entire family are examples of achieving the American dream. Doe Deere was able to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur that were created from her desire to make it in America and her own personal creative passions. Once the family got a little help from Sanctuary for Families she was able to attend school at the university of fashion in New York. Attending there also helped her develop her entrepreneur mindset.

Lime Crime makeup is sold by select beauty product sellers and online on their official web store. The company has a lot of fantastic products for the holidays and from their birthday collection. Poppy Angeloff products are currently only available on their official web store. The main products from Poppy Angeloff right now are their Pansy rings and their Soulmates rings.

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