Senior care is one of the most important fields in modern-day society. Taking good care of our seniors should always be a priority, and there are a number of senior-care organizations that specialize in this subject. Located in the United Kingdom is one of the very best senior-care organizations in the world. This particular organization hosts state-of-the-art facilities, including the senior care homes of Forrest Lodge, Upper Mead, Beechcroft Care Centre, The Laurels, Longfield Manner and Horncastle Care Centre. Of course, these are just a few of the care homes that fall under Sussex Healthcare, and there are up to 20 in total.

Sussex Healthcare is moving forward by making progress. This organization is always looking to better itself by improving on its services. This organization provides a clear channel of communication for its customers, residents and clients. This approach has led to more proficiency among the medical personnel. The upper management team does a phenomenal job of handling day-to-day operations, and the trained staff provides medical attention for 24 hours a day. “We’re proud of the progress that we’ve been making because we’ve corrected many issues,” said Steve Whittingham, chief operating officer. The staff members who work closely with the residents aren’t the only gamechangers here. The IT staff takes good care of all the electronical elements of the organization by making sure they’re up and running on all cylinders.

The IT team also looks after all of the PCs, desk phones, laptops and mobile phones. This organization has also updated its help-desk center. As of 2019, Sussex Healthcare can respond to issues in real-time, and that can truly make a world of difference. Team collaboration, knowledge sharing and company news are all being updated for future use.

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