Wes Edens has more than $920 million as his wealth; he is an American citizen who has earned all his wealth through hard work as an entrepreneur and investor. Having attained B.S in Finance from Oregon States University, Mr. Edens can manage various businesses and investment projects. He has partnered with prominent people such as Marc Lasry to help him achieve his goals. Wes Robert Edens and Marc Lasry joined resources to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks previously owned by Herb Kohl. The purchase was worth $550 million in 2014. Mallory Edens daughter became the team’s designated representative of the new company.

Wes Edens is also a co-owner of Aston Villa football club in England which has participated in many games emerging at the top. This club earns him fame and recognition across the globe. Since an early age, Robert Edens played many games at Montana. He enrolled in horse jumping, ski racing, and mountain climbing. He has climbed various mountains across the world including Mount Kilimanjaro, Grand Teton, and Matterhorn. Through these games, he can be entertained and relieve stress. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

In 1998, Robert Edens together with other potential partners founded Fortress Investment company which has helped many affiliates by managing more than $40.4 billion assets. The company has also established other projects to enhance transport, communication, entertainment, energy supply among others. Wes Edens is the principal to Fortress investment company hence he oversees the completion and success of various projects. He contributed to Fortress Investment with headquarters in New York to be an Independent business under the ownership of Soft Bank. Besides, Wes Edens established New Fortress Energy which is responsible for the supply and provision of clean and renewable energy.

Besides his career, Wes Edens has extended his charitable acts by helping various health institutions. He funds many projects that aim at establishing new treatment methods or purchasing treatment equipment hence providing conducive centers for the patients. Robert Edens also launched The Edens Family Fund to fund research for various climate changes conducted at Princeton University. Robert Edens has also supported other healthcare institutions including cancer research centers.

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