Herbalife Nutrition is a worldwide organization that is objective is to maintain good health to people by providing them with the proper nutrition.Herbalife Nutrition focuses on proper personal care products which are well balanced with nutrition and some that are backed to embrace the lifestyle.

Herbalife is focused on maintaining the health of the athletes and teams globally as it operates in more than 190 countries across the world.it have been in the position of employing many people to encourage good health care.

Herbalife nutrition has collaborated with the American red cross to allow blood donation and has been in the run for decades of years whereby Herbalife Nutrition through its ability to produce balanced nutrition are appreciated by this organization to support more to contribute to donate blood as they are given advice and Herbalife24 sports products.

Herbalife nutrition has been in the position to produce products that are widely used by the victims that donate blood called protein Deluxe Bars that replaces the blood they have donated as it has balanced diet as they are balanced in vitamin B2 and B6 that enable the quick building of red blood cells. The program has made it possible for saving many peoples lives that are approximated to be 25000 per year.

Herbalife has made it possible to encourage blood donation even through social media sectors where it tries to capture the benefits and importance of blood sharing to others.

On becoming a member of Herbalife nutrition company you earn and invest anywhere as a distributor and offered other discounts of their products online.

American Red Cross principles have made this success of the two teams to collaborate and interact deeply as their principles are matching with those ones of Herbalife nutrition.

Herbalife nutrition has made it possible to mobilize suppling of support and personal needs to the needed victims and creating them shelters, clothing’s food, and clean water through the Herbalife family foundation.

Herbalife has been able to participate in different platforms such as the Missing Types Campaign that have made it possible to save many lives of patients who have been hospitalized are in needy that was participated on July 2018. Herbalife nutrition has made it possible by providing free training to the donors drawing attention to a large group of people globally trying to show sympathy to the affected victims as the American Red Cross says in every 2 seconds there is the need for blood donation.



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