Flavio Maluf, the President of Eucatex, advises that the Fiscal Incentive Laws are meant to promote societal and economic growth.

For quite some years, entrepreneurs in Brazil have found it challenging to keep their businesses growing due to the high tax rates. With tax incentives, Flavio Maluf asserts that firms can evade such problems. Through Fiscal Tax Incentive Laws, a company can be in a position to avoid paying the taxes directly from the government. This can be done by using the money used on taxes to carry out developments or projects aimed at uplifting societal and economic growth. Visit on his twitter for updates.

The whole idea is to use the money allocated for taxes in meaningful ways allowed by the law. However, this does not mean that the tax money that a company pays will reduce. These laws are very beneficial for the growth of firms. By conducting projects that can help people, a company will be in a position to create a good name for itself. Therefore, the whole idea is to promote corporate social responsibility by using the tax money.

Flavio Maluf also advises firms to take advantage of the regional tax incentives. These tax benefits are usually awarded to companies located in specific areas. An example is the Manaus Free Zone. In some places, tax incentives are offered by the public administration. These incentives can come in different ways such as tax exemption or compensation. They are instrumental as they enable companies to grow in various ways as well as contribute towards the economy. To align with such laws, a company must adhere to the terms such as being taxed on the real profit.

Having led Eucatex as the CEO from 1997, Flavio Maluf has a lot of information regarding entrepreneurship. He says that even though a person is the leader of the company, they must not rest. Instead, they should be fully committed to seeing it grow. He also says that dreams should be pursued regardless of whether a person has the money or not. It is the passion and dedication that drives one into becoming successful.

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