With over two years of experience in the finance world, Jeffry Schneider has become an expert in real estate, alternative investments, private companies, estate planning, and debt strategies. Subsequently, Jeffry Schneider established Ascendant Capital LLC, to provide financial services and asset management to high net worth individuals and organizations all over the globe. As the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider is at the heart of the firm’s business and his exemplary leadership has enabled the asset management firm to grow in leaps and bounds, to become a premier destination for investors and managers.

Jeffry’s firm has become the go-to company for asset managers and brokers, who are looking to diversify their client’s investments by using alternative strategies. Most investors and brokers who have utilized Jeffry Schneider’s strategies have reported increased returns in their investment portfolios. According to Jeffry, most people are now moving away from traditional investments and are finding value in new ways of investing. This is a growing trend that Jeffry says he is pumped up about because they promise better and steady returns as opposed to the traditional investing strategies such as stock& bonds.

More about Jeffry Schneider

Other than his roles at Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry is also actively involved in philanthropic activities that aim to improve the lives of the people of Austin Community. Together with his team at the firm, Jeffry has dedicated more than 400 hours to community service every year. Their main aim is to help the economically deprived members of the Austin Community. Jeffry also donates generously to other noble foundations such as Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, Austin Pets Alive and the Gazelle Foundation.

Before he founded Ascendant Capital, Jeffry Schneider worked for Smith Barney, Alex Brown, and Merrill Lynch. Jeffry currently lives in Austin, Texas, which is where his firm has its headquarters.

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